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Standardisation Vs Customisation: Modular Construction for Schools

Often, standardisation of a product or service would not be regarded as a great selling point – especially here at Springfield where we strive to provide bespoke, unique modular buildings shaped to your needs. However, with the current need to build schools efficiently and to a high-standard, some companies are considering a standardised manufacturing approach for school construction. 

18 October 2019
How Can Off-site Modular Building Significantly Decrease Production Time?

Off-site construction can reduce build times significantly. Typically, modular building methods can deliver time-savings of between 30% and 50% over traditional builds. Due to this, UK demand for modular construction is on the rise.

4 October 2019
Will AI Become Part Of The Off-Site Construction Industry?

Artificial intelligence. Technology that some see as the future of many workforces, with complex algorithms potentially replacing a lot of the day to day process that are currently occupied by their human counterparts. As controversial as this dystopic future may be, in today’s workplace, AI has become increasingly more commonplace.

20 September 2019
How Modular Buildings Can Create Community Spaces

Community spaces or ‘hubs’ are multi-purpose and have an important social function. They reflect local needs by bringing people together and offering a range of activities, programs and services. Considering this, it is well-known that council and community funds are suffering under budget cuts across the UK, which in turn has a knock-on effect on entities such as community buildings. This is a problem that is rapidly being solved by modular building construction.

13 September 2019
Can Modular Buildings Help The NHS?

One of the primary pressures that our healthcare faces is the need for beds and facilities, and with a rising population, this is becoming an unending struggle. Although it may not be able to solve all of the NHS’s issues, off-site construction does offer a unique range of benefits.

12 July 2019
The Importance Of Modular Buildings In Modern Infrastructure

From school expansions, businesses extensions and even increasing the number of homes, local councils are on an almost constant search for a quality, but also cost-effective solution to this infrastructure issue. Modular construction is a fantastic solution to this problem, and in this blog we will explore how it could be the answer to this national difficulty.

21 June 2019