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There are many advantages to modular buildings in the healthcare sector, whilst they have been used commonly throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, there are many more uses. Modular buildings enable the NHS to meet spikes in demand by offering time-effective solutions and cost-efficient facilities that also support sustainability efforts by offering buildings that are flexible. 

22 July 2022

The construction industry uses a massive 400m tonnes of materials annually. Transparency Market Research predicts that construction waste could reach 2.2bn tonnes per year by 2025. This is one of the main reasons that modular construction is growing in popularity for several types of projects.  

7 July 2022
How Modular Buildings Can Help Reach a Net Zero Future

Construction is currently responsible for 11% of the world’s carbon emissions, linked to the manufacturing of materials and construction processes. This is where modular buildings can have a big impact.

3 February 2022
What Are Modular Brexit Border Checkpoints?

There are a wide array of applications for modular buildings, across a variety of sectors. As offsite construction provides such a versatile and adaptable environment to create a bespoke building, they can be created for a variety of uses. In this article, we explore the recent need for Brexit border checkpoints, and how modular buildings have provided a reliable and quick solution.

7 May 2021
Do We Need A New Approach To Construction?

There is no doubting that some people still have reservations about opting for modular design as opposed to traditional brick and mortar builds. But with new digitisation technology, design, and delivery, modular’s moment has definitely arrived.

30 April 2021
What Are The Current Challenges Facing UK Modular Construction?

From the reluctance to adopt a non-traditional construction method, to the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on all aspects of the industry, in this article we explore some of the challenges facing the modular construction industry.

12 February 2021

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