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Modular University Buildings: Elite Design and Construction

When it comes to further education, the right learning, living and campus environment is critical to student enjoyment and academic success. This can be applied to all levels of education, as each stage is important to excel and reach the next. In this blog post we will look at how the increasing quality and sustainability of a modular build has helped to accommodate aspects of university life.

20 February 2020
The Barriers to Offsite Construction Vs The Benefits

In this blog post we will explore the key barriers of offsite construction as well as its benefits, as identified in a recent survey. We will also discuss how some of these barriers have been surpassed.

7 February 2020
Why Is The Modular and Prefabricated Buildings Market Set To Grow?

We know we’re biased, but we believe the modular construction industry is great, and for good reason, as it’s growing in popularity across a multitude of sectors. In recent modular construction news, a report has shown that the global modular and prefabricated buildings market is set for growth over the next five years. In this blog post we will explore the amount of predicted growth and the reasons behind it.

10 January 2020
The Top 3 Health and Safety Benefits of Modular Construction

Health and safety on any construction site is crucial when it comes to staff and visitors, but often it is overlooked. As a whole, there have been improvements in the construction industry, but there is still a high percentage of fatal and major injuries. However, within the modular construction industry, enhanced health and safety is recognised as efficient and ever evolving.

3 January 2020
Modular Construction: Saving Money and the Environment

Modular construction is not a new concept or method of construction, but it has seen an upsurge in popularity in recent years. This is because some people are starting to realise its potential to solve a number of the construction industry’s current challenges. From reducing a building project’s environmental impact to saving you money in comparison to a traditional build, the benefits of modular construction are significant.

20 December 2019
Pushing The Boundaries Of Offsite Construction For Ambulatory Care

Urgent and Emergency Care (UEC) services are critical in keeping the UK population healthy. The NHS responds to more than 110 million urgent calls or visits every year, so it is essential that the system works effectively. Recently, off-site construction has taken steps towards relieving some pressure that our invaluable health system faces.

6 December 2019