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Our flexible and efficient solutions for modular building hire are suitable for any space requirements, offering quick and cost-effective installation. 

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Modular & Portable Buildings For Hire

Hiring a portable building can be an ideal long-term solution for an expansion project or an immediate space requirement. We collaborate with businesses anticipating a change in circumstances, such as growth or an urgent need for additional space. Portable buildings are an excellent choice due to their versatility, allowing them to be relocated or expanded as needed.

We understand that appearance and functionality are crucial to finding the perfect building. Just some of the building finishes we can offer include:

  • Office Furniture – Including workstations, chairs, storage and lighting.
  • Fire and Security Alarms – Including emergency lighting.
  • Steps and Ramps – To provide easy access and compliance with Building Regulations.
  • Finishing Touches – From window guards and steel shutters to lifts and stair pods.

Springfield has established itself as a leading figure in the portable building industry, with over 50 years of industry experience. All the components of our buildings are manufactured in our ISO-approved workshop based in St Helens, which has been the source of a vast range of developments across the UK.

Choosing a portable building from Springfield is a strategic move for businesses, offering a range of advantages that can revolutionise your operations:

  • Flexibility: Portable buildings can be customised and expanded to meet changing business needs.
  • Speed: They provide a quick solution for urgent space requirements, minimising disruption to operations.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: They offer a cost-efficient alternative to traditional construction, with reduced construction time and labour costs.
  • Mobility: These buildings can be relocated easily, making them suitable for businesses needing to move premises.

Whether you’re in need of portable office space, a classroom for your growing educational institution, or specialist healthcare facilities for your expanding medical practice, we’re here to tailor a solution to your unique requirements. Our commitment is to exceed your expectations and deliver a cost-effective, flexible solution to your expansion needs.  

Bespoke Finishes

Choose from various bespoke finishes including cedar cladding, steel shutters, and tinted windows.


Choose child-friendly finishes such as anti-scald taps and door and window finger guards.

Energy Efficiency

Customise your build with energy-efficient options such as solar panels, automatic windows, and triple glazing.


Provide easy access and comply with Building Regulations with a range of steps and ramps.

Why Hire/Buy A Portable Building From Springfield?

As well as being able to work with you to create a bespoke building specifically for hire, we also have a vast range of buildings in stock and ready to go now. This means that your temporary portable building can be delivered within days of your order, if that is what you need. Our offsite construction methods mean we are not affected by the weather and can produce multiple components of a building simultaneously. This results in your building costing a fraction of the price of a traditional build and it can be delivered in record time.

The process of hiring a portable building from Springfield couldn’t be smoother. A dedicated project manager will see your order through from start to finish. Whatever your building needs, your dedicated project manager can provide you with a wide variety of options in terms of building types and finishes, regardless of whether you are looking to hire or purchase.

When it comes to modular buildings, we can provide what you want, how you want it, when you want it. You can choose to hire a building at whatever level of finesse suits your requirements. Portable cabins are not the only building type we offer here at Springfield. Alongside our flagship cabins, we also specialise in constructing modular, jackleg, prefabricated and two storey buildings.

Fast turnaround time does not mean a loss of quality. Quality is our number one goal, and we endeavour to deliver a unit that is 100% right for your business – with all the advantages of off-site production and no on-site building work necessary. We want the end result to be that you have hired a complete, fully fitted out, comfortable and secure building from Springfield. Just some of the finishes we can provide include bespoke internal fittings dependant on your sector and the building usage, climate-control systems, alarm systems and tailored features and facilities to comply with any standards associated with your building requirements.

With over 50 years trading, we’re not going to disappear overnight and are well-versed in the unique components each building needs. Rest assured that Springfield will see your building hire project through, with continual support throughout your hire period. Any maintenance or servicing requirements will be taken care of by Springfield, to ensure that your building delivers optimum performance throughout your hire contract.

One of the brilliant things about hiring a modular building is that your building can be extended, reconfigured or relocated with ease.  Hiring a portable building can satisfy both a short-term need, with a hiring period of at least three months, or a long-term need with the option to hire a building for up to 20 years.

How it Works – The Hiring Process

The first time you contact Springfield, you will be appointed a project manager. Your Springfield project manager will match your requirements to available stock and consider a new build if appropriate. Overseeing the development from start to finish, your project manager will manage every aspect of the installation, right up to handing over the keys.

Your Own Project
Manager –

Who will work with you to understand your portable building requirements.

We Liaise With Third
Parties –

Working through planning permissions, ground control and connections.

Produce Or Source The
Portable Building –

From here we create or source the portable building you need from our current stock.

Delivery And
Completion –

We deliver your building, manage the onsite completion of utilities and hand over the keys!

We understand that investing in a portable building is a major commitment and therefore merits close examination. This is why visitors are always welcome and are actively encouraged to come and view the off-the-shelf buildings we have in stock, as well as looking around our factory and speaking to our expert craftsmen.

The length of the hiring process is dependent on whether you are hiring a used or a new building: in-stock buildings can be delivered within days, whereas a new building is typically built in six weeks.

Hire A Springfield Building

If you have an ideal building in mind, our expert team is at hand to help you with your requirements. We have a versatile fleet of hirable buildings – all we need to know is what you need and we will ensure you are happy with your building.

Main Hiring Advantages:

Fast Turn-Around

Cost-effective Solution

Hiring Options


When hiring a portable building there are two contract options:

  • Medium-Term Hire
  • Long-Term Hire


We offer our hiring contracts based on a minimum hire period, which is the initial length of time that you choose to hire your new building for. If you decide that you would like to keep your building for longer than this, it will become a rolling contract. Simply, have a chat with us and we can create a contract suited to your requirements.

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories (EU) Limited, Mirfield, West Yorkshire, UK

Throughout the project, we found Springfield to be both responsive and accommodating in their approach and would have no hesitation in recommending them to others. This is a quality product at a competitive price and the project was executed in a timely and professional manner both on and off-site. We now know where to go for the next one!
- Steve Olverman,
Project Manager - Dr Reddy’s

Available stock to buy or hire

43m2 8 Person canteen / staff room

Building Type: Jackleg Buildings
Building Use: Office Space

302m2 Double Storey 4 Classrooms / Offices 18m x 8.4m + Stair Pod (14 Modules)

Building Type: Modular Buildings
Building Use: Classroom, Office Space

86m2 Single Classroom / Offices 9.6m x 9m (3 Modules)

Building Type: Modular Buildings
Building Use: Classroom, Office Space

Bespoke portable buildings to buy or hire

Modular buildings

Modular buildings are sectional structures which are built off-site, transported where required and securely connected together to create your finished build.

Portable cabins

Portable cabins are self-contained buildings, built off-site, making them an ideal way to expand your business or school, particularly when there are time or budget constraints.

Prefabricated buildings

Prefabricated buildings consist of factory manufactured components which are transported to and then assembled on-site.

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Contact our friendly team for more information on our full range of buildings and how to start the process of hiring or buying a modular building for your business. Our expert team is always available to give advice, guidance or support.

50 years experience
Industry experts
High quality at great value
Made in the UK
Sustainable buildings
Locally sustainable products
Bespoke buildings
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