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Published: 26 August 2022 in Industry News

Reasons to Choose a Refurbished Modular Building

When considering the purchase of a modular building is a used building worth the investment?  

There are many issues to consider, regarding making sure your building is suitable for use with enough space and convenient facilities. Then there are cost, timescales, and environmental factors. 

The term ‘used’ can conjure up perceptions of the building being tired or damaged. However, a refurbished modular building from Springfield will be given a full makeover and returned to an “as good as new” state before installation. It can be restructured if needed and reconfigured to meet your specific needs. As always, the aesthetics are up to you, the outside can be changed to match current buildings and the inside can be refitted with everything you need.  


Our refurbishments give our clients the opportunity to create a space that meets their requirements and is fit for purpose. We can discuss options for finishes, carpets, lighting etc., and layout. It’s your building we’ll fit it out to your specification, you’re in charge, and we will do everything we can to achieve the building you want.  

Readily Available 

The growing popularity of modular buildings means that you may have to wait a few weeks for the installation of a brand-new build. Taking a unit from our fleet and refurbishing it to your requirements is going to be a much quicker installation with delivery on site within days, not weeks. Why wait when a refurbished building is cheaper, quicker, and as good as new? 


Modular construction is one of the leading ways that the construction industry can reduce its environmental impact. Hiring a used building helps even further by using fewer materials. Offsite construction also plays a massive part in reducing landfill from the construction industry, the buildings are designed for deconstruction so materials can be recovered for reuse or recycling, and there are also carbon savings.  

If you would like to know more about the benefits of modular buildings, hiring or buying used buildings or anything else find out how Springfield Mobile can help you, contact us online or call 01744 851 958. 

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