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Published: 7 May 2021 in Industry News

What Are Modular Brexit Border Checkpoints?

There are a wide array of applications for modular buildings, across a variety of sectors. As offsite construction provides such a versatile and adaptable environment to create a bespoke building, they can be created for a variety of uses. In this article, we explore the recent need for Brexit border checkpoints, and how modular buildings have provided a reliable and quick solution.


The Need For Brexit Border Checkpoints

On top of the profound effects of Coronavirus, Brexit is also a current challenge being faced by the UK. We are and will continue to experience changes as a nation to many things such as tax, transport and trading, and because of this, there has to be new measures put in place to monitor and control what happens at our borders.

So that a cost-effective solution could be provided in a time-sensitive environment, modular construction has been a fantastic option to provide new border checkpoints at the Humber Ports. These inspection posts are needed so that thorough checks can be carried out on plants, plant products and animal products such as meat, fish and dairy being imported from the EU.

The chosen contractor started work last month for Associated British Ports (ABP) to deliver two Border Control Posts at the ports of Hull and Immingham. The Government needs all border checkpoints operational by July because full control of goods entering the UK is required to be in place from then.

This type of build will require foundations, steelwork, drainage and cladding details for both sites as well as piling, internal walls and doors, refrigeration and “dock leveller” loading platforms.

These modular control posts at both the Hull and Immingham ports will ensure that there is a continual flow of trade coming into the UK.


What Do You Need A Building For?

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