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Published: 7 July 2022 in Industry News

Eliminating Waste and Maximising Resources

The UK government has committed to a Net Zero emissions target by 2050 in a legally binding contract. This will mean that the number of greenhouse gases put into the atmosphere will be the same as taken out, this is a crucial step in reducing climate change.  

This requires businesses to take steps to reduce emissions and use renewable energy sources. The construction industry uses a massive 400m tonnes of materials annually. Transparency Market Research predicts that construction waste could reach 2.2bn tonnes per year by 2025. 

This is one of the main reasons that modular construction is growing in popularity for several types of projects.  

Modular buildings are created in a factory setting, in an energy-efficient and temperature-controlled environment where waste is recycled or reused for future projects. The factory setting allows better control of resources, including labour, materials, and energy.  

Materials inside the factory are protected from moisture, weather conditions and theft which can reduce waste by up to 90% when compared to traditional building methods.  

Our modular buildings are designed by skilled engineers, not only to match your requirements but also to make sure that the design is flawless. Virtual design and testing ensure that the buildings fit together perfectly, with no waste of materials or loss of time due to human error.  

We produce energy-efficient-for-life buildings which have the potential energy saving of up to 67% over more traditional construction methods. Our buildings can also be installed with energy-efficient glass, solar panels, and other green features. As a result, not only is the actual construction of the building green, but the long-term running of the building is also sustainable.  

Sustainability Benefits of Modular Buildings 

  • Efficiency  
  • Quality control 
  • Reduction of waste 
  • Reduction in energy use for the lifetime of the building 
  • Reduction in energy use during construction 
  • Reduction in impacts of transportation 
  • Reduced operational impact 
  • Able to be adapted, reused, recycled, and replaced  
  • Reduced environmental quality issues 
  • Safer working conditions 
  • Reduced disruption to the surrounding community 
  • Construction cost savings 

If you would like to know more about our environmental commitments or find out how Springfield can help you, contact us online or call 01744 851 958. 

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