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Read our latest sector blogs with information on how modular and portable buildings can help you to expand your school or business. 

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The Perfect Off-Site Addition For A Sports Team

Running a local sports team is a rewarding venture. Owners draw from their communities and local support networks to aid in the maintenance of their clubs to ensure eventual sporting success. Although all of those in sports teams aspire to the great heights of the Premier League or the Bowls National Championship, the harsh reality is that local clubs find it difficult to expand.

27 September 2019
Can Modular Buildings Be Used for Science?

Modular buildings can be used to develop laboratories for educational purposes, whether its primary, secondary, college or university infrastructure requirements. All modular buildings can be made differently in terms of appearance and function, and when it comes to education, at any level, the right learning environment is critical.

6 September 2019
Are Modular Buildings The Future For School Buildings?

We have spoken a lot about the pressures that the education in this country is under, particularly due to the fact that we have close connections and a vast breadth of experience in the industry. The pressures of rising school numbers and lack of funding is common knowledge, and is particularly prevalent when we see the Department of Education searching for ways to innovate their approach to the expansion of schools.

29 August 2019
The Benefits Of Choosing Off-Site Construction For Your Business Expansion

Many decision-makers in business overlook the outstanding benefits in opting for an expansion which is produced by off-site construction methods. In this blog, we will explore these advantages for your business and why you should take this type of expansion into consideration.

19 July 2019
How Environmentally Friendly Are Modular Buildings?

The construction industry is a big player in the murky world of emissions, with the use of traditional methods for long-term projects that take years and years to be finished becoming a big contributor of pollution. But is there a viable alternative? We believe so, and it comes in the form of off-site construction.

5 July 2019
How Can Modular Buildings Be Used In Further Education?

These prestigious institutions are almost constantly on the lookout for an expansion solution to provide their students with fantastic learning facilities, but it is not always practical or cost-effective to opt for a project which utilises traditional construction methods.

27 June 2019