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Read our latest sector blogs with information on how modular and portable buildings can help you to expand your school or business. 

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Fit-For-Purpose Learning Environments: Prefabricated School Buildings

In this article, we look at how prefabricated school buildings are a fantastic choice for your school.

24 September 2021
What Can Modular Healthcare Buildings Be Used For?

Having a modular building as your dental office can bring many benefits to your practice, its staff and its patients. In this article, we explore these benefits.

10 September 2021
Modular Classrooms: Improving Student Engagement

Our modular classrooms offer a bright, airy and stimulating learning environment for your pupils, with internal and external design chosen by you.

27 August 2021
Can Sensory Rooms In Schools Help Students?

Sensory rooms can provide a safe and calm space as part of the school environment – and a modular building is the perfect type of space to do just that.

20 August 2021
Portable Building Finishes Perfect for Nurseries

Ensuring that portable buildings for nurseries not only meet all of your unique requirements but are also designed with the critical safety of children in mind, is essential.

13 August 2021
Can You Use A Modular Building For Your Church?

The uses of modular buildings are vast as they provide so much choice and versatility as a building type. In this article, we show how Newcastle Baptist Church in Newcastle use their modular building and how useful it is for so many purposes.

23 July 2021

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