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Read our latest sector blogs with information on how modular and portable buildings can help you to expand your school or business. 

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Getting School Building Programmes Back On Track: The Environmental Benefits Of Modular Construction

Many have been justifiably concerned about the impact COVID-19 will have on education, making it crucially important that school building programmes get back on track as soon as possible to ensure teachers and students have the best possible learning and teaching environments, as they make up for lost time. Therefore, in this article we look at how having a modular school building is worth considering, particularly in terms of environmental impact.

20 November 2020
Modern Methods of Construction: Providing outstanding learning spaces for pupils

We have said many times before just how important learning spaces are in schools. We can see from recent industry research as well as our own insights that many more modular schools are beginning to be built.

3 April 2020
Helping Our NHS with Modular Ward Extensions

Modular construction is an ever-growing method of expansion to help alleviate some of the pressure our health services are under. This method can be used for creating buildings for many purposes, including but not limited to modular pharmacies, portable GP surgeries, waiting rooms and ward extensions.

13 March 2020
The Benefits Of A Modular Breakfast Club For Schools, Parents and Pupils

Regardless of building usage, schools are struggling for space. Whether it’s an additional room for recreational activities, new changing facilities for your sports department, a building dedicated to a certain subject discipline or a separate space to host breakfast club, modular buildings can help your school function more efficiently.

6 March 2020
Creating A Modular Pharmacy

The healthcare sector is under a serious amount of pressure. People are living longer, medicine is becoming more expensive and local healthcare bodies are constantly put under financial strain. Due to this, affordable, clean, bright and comfortable environments that are designed to be expanded upon are essential for staff and patients.

24 January 2020
Why Utilise Modular Construction Methods for the Commercial Sector?

Having the right working environment that is suited to your business and the way it works is essential. As we all know, this is because creating a positive working environment and maximising the productivity of your workforce will help your business to thrive. Many businesses will need to expand their premises at some point as their business grows, but this can be an expensive venture and opting to extend an existing building can come with a hefty price tag. However, modular construction methods for the commercial sector may be the answer.

16 January 2020

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