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Published: 24 November 2022 in Industry News

A Brief History of Modular

Major developments in the design and use of materials along with improving production methods have given Modular construction a real boost in recent years and modular is becoming a compelling choice for pretty much any building.  

History records that Modular construction started in the 17th and 18th centuries as a solution to the need for affordable accommodation, notably in America and Australia. Modular with its inherent ability to be easily transported and erected became a quick fix for the shortage of housing for a transient population.  

However, the sector has developed dramatically over the years and now offers a genuine alternative to traditional buildings for many projects. 

What is Modular Construction?  

Modules are constructed in a factory, transported to a building site, and assembled to form a specialised structure which can be, say, a small classroom or a double-storey office block there really is no limit. The advantages offered are the speed of construction, reduced cost, off-site construction, and excellent environmental & sustainability credentials. All compelling reasons to consider modular whatever the building is required for. 

Brief History of Modular 

History reports that English companies were at the forefront and shipped storage buildings, small homes and hospital buildings to Australia, South Africa and New Zealand during the 17th and 18th centuries. 

During this time, modular homes also became popular in America due to the gold rush where towns suddenly found they had more people than houses.  

The industry has remained an integral element of the building sector albeit generally regarded as a temporary or emergency solution. 

Future of Modular 

There is no doubt that Modular buildings will continue to grow with research indicating 12% compound growth over the next five years. The use of this type of building has been predominantly for the commercial sector for a wide variety of needs, the education sector for classrooms and nurseries and increasingly the NHS.

However, the attraction of modular is now making great inroads into the residential housing market and many other sectors, notably Mcdonald’s constructs their restaurants with modular partners and quotes improved quality, economic costs, and reduced build times as the reason. 


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