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Read our latest blogs for useful information about our full range of building types, from which building type is best for your project to the differences between the building types. 

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Portable Building Interior Ideas: What Could Your Building Look Like?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to making your ideal building aesthetically appealing to look at, as well as completely functional both inside and out. We have previously discussed some of the external building finishes that we provide, and in this article we look more closely at what we can do to make your building perfect on the inside too, based upon what you ned from your new space.

25 June 2021
Advantages And Disadvantages Of Prefabricated Buildings

We know we are biased, but there are so many advantages to choosing a prefabricated building over a traditional build. From savings in cost and time to eco-friendliness, in this article we explore these advantages.

11 June 2021
We’ve Realised We Don’t Sell Modular Buildings, We Sell Space!

“What a great business, we just sell space but then wrap great buildings around it.” – Lyndsey, Springfield MD.

16 October 2020
Is There A Risk Of Condensation In Modular Buildings?

We often speak of the many benefits of choosing a modular building over a more traditional building. Condensation can be a concern for many; therefore it is important to note that the layers in a modern factory-manufactured building will generally be more airtight, better insulated and will contain materials and layers which are more breathable than a traditional building. In this blog post we will take a look at managing heat, air and moisture movement in modular buildings.

18 September 2020
The Driving Demand for Space Due to COVID-19

For obvious reasons, COVID-19 has created massive demand for additional space. Orders for classrooms, to hand-washing facilities, demand for more office space, welfare units, temporary accommodation to long term solutions – all driven by the need for more space.

14 August 2020
Modular Buildings Designed with Disabled Access in Mind

There are more than 230,000 people with disabilities in the UK who need support. When creating an optimised environment for learners with special educational needs, there are so many factors to consider that are often overlooked.

14 July 2020

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