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Find your permanent modular building solution with Springfield Modular — Customisable and durable modular buildings tailored to your needs.  

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Bespoke Modular & Portable Buildings For Sale

Springfield has worked in the modular building industry for over 50 years. We pride ourselves in the unrivalled quality of the portable buildings we offer. Our offsite methods of construction are a combination of modern techniques, tried and tested production methods and a dedication to going above and beyond.

Buying a modular building can give you a permanent solution to any spacing issue and is the perfect choice for a huge variety of businesses. All of the components of our buildings are constructed in our ISO-approved workshop, based in St Helens which has been the source of a vast range of developments all across the UK.

Buying Options

There are two primary buying options when considering a portable building:

  • Browse our catalogue of off-the-shelf buildings. These used buildings have been manufactured by Springfield specifically for hire and may be pre-used or new. However, all of the buildings in our catalogue can be reconfigured by our expert craftsman to meet your company’s specific needs.
  • Create a new build to directly meet the specifications of your business. To ensure its feasibility, Springfield is happy to discuss creating a bespoke building with potential buyers. We want to make sure that we fulfil all of your requirements and getting in touch with our dedicated team is the first step in creating your perfect portable building.

A modular classroom built using sustainable and eco-friendly materials such as cedar cladding.

Modular classroom interior with child-friendly features like window finger guards and anti-scald taps.

Bespoke modular classroom featuring custom colour facias.

Easily-accessible modular classroom with safety ramps and steps.

How it Works – The Buying Process

Springfield take a unique approach to the buying process for our portable buildings. One of our experienced and professional sales team members will answer a client’s initial call and from this point be assigned as their project manager for the entirety of the project. This method provides a client with a single go-to contact who will answer your initial enquiry, establish your needs, produce plans, visit the site and manage the construction and delivery of the development-which includes liaising with any subcontractors.


You will discuss your design choices, including the finishes inside and out, with your dedicated designer. When you are happy with the plans and visuals we produce and building approval is granted, we go to work building your units.


We will manufacture your building to your exact requirements in our ISO-approved, 40,000 sq. ft. workshop, where our expert craftsmen use the latest techniques to ensure optimum efficiency and quality


After all quality checks have gone ahead we can map out transportation and delivery. Transportation will be scheduled to ensure delivery on the agreed delivery date and on a purpose-built trailer to ensure safe and accurate installation of your unit(s).


Once delivered, your building is offloaded with cranes and hoisted into position. Finally, we will complete all exterior systems, such as cladding and sealing, add stairs if included, and complete any interior elements and install appliances.

The first call will be used to qualify the needs of the client and ensure Springfield is the perfect fit for your requirements and that we are able to provide a competitive offer. We are more than happy to handle every aspect of the job offering a bespoke solution if required by the client, which can include handling planning permission, utilities and groundwork contractors.

Buying A Springfield Building

Springfield is proud of the offsite construction methods we use to construct our portable buildings. The offsite technique involves the construction of your building in our workshop, to then be delivered to site.

Main Hiring Advantages:

Fast Turn-Around

Cost-effective Solution


Building Types On Offer


Portable cabins are not the only building type we offer here at Springfield. We also are renowned for our jackleg, prefabricated and multi-storey buildings. We intend to meet our customer’s needs and offering a wide range of options is our first step towards such a goal. In addition to the building types, we also offer a fully customisable service for both the exterior finishes of your building and its interior design.

Buying a portable building from Springfield is more than just ordering a building, it’s the start of a relationship between supplier and client. We have worked in a vast range of sectors, including and not limited to commercial, sports and leisure, education, and healthcare. Which means we are well-versed in the unique components each sector needs included in their buildings and are able to offer these such as; low level sinks, anti-scald taps for nurseries and fully fitted luxury kitchens in office buildings.

Available stock to buy or hire

43m2 8 Person canteen / staff room

Building Type: Jackleg Buildings
Building Use: Office Space

302m2 Double Storey 4 Classrooms / Offices 18m x 8.4m + Stair Pod (14 Modules)

Building Type: Modular Buildings
Building Use: Classroom, Office Space

86m2 Single Classroom / Offices 9.6m x 9m (3 Modules)

Building Type: Modular Buildings
Building Use: Classroom, Office Space

Bespoke portable buildings to buy or hire

Modular buildings

Modular buildings are sectional structures which are built off-site, transported where required and securely connected together to create your finished build.

Portable cabins

Portable cabins are self-contained buildings, built off-site, making them an ideal way to expand your business or school, particularly when there are time or budget constraints.

Prefabricated buildings

Prefabricated buildings consist of factory manufactured components which are transported to and then assembled on-site.

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Contact our friendly team for more information on our full range of buildings and how to start the process of hiring or buying a modular building for your business. Our expert team is always available to give advice, guidance or support.

50 years experience
Industry experts
High quality at great value
Made in the UK
Sustainable buildings
Locally sustainable products
Bespoke buildings
Tailored portable units

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