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Prefabricated buildings for a range of businesses

Having the right office environment is vital if you want to ensure maximum productivity. If your usual office space is getting a bit cramped or past its best, then it’s time to look to alternative solutions. We know every business has different requirements when it comes to their office space and Springfield offers a full turnkey service from initial design to your final finished portable office building.

Portable Office Buildings from Springfield

We provide a bespoke solution meaning you can specify how you want every part of your building, from your floor plan all the way through to your windows and roof. Our experienced project managers will work with you from start to finish to ensure you’ve got the layout and facilities your business needs to reach its maximum potential.

Modular offices are the perfect solution for modern working environments. Benefits include:

· Time saving: Our portable offices can be built and installed in a fraction of the time compared to traditional office builds, often in a matter of weeks, so your business can move in sooner than you think!

· Bespoke builds: You can work with our experienced designers to create a flexible design and layout that works for you and your business’s needs.

· Quality and value: Our portable offices are manufactured in the UK by our experienced team. You can expect nothing but the highest quality and finish from our modular office buildings within a budget that may surprise you.

· Finishes and fittings: Every element of our portable offices can be customised from flooring to branding, to make sure it fits your business needs.

· Add to your office over time: Our offsite construction means we can create modules to add to your building over time, as your business grows.

· Buy or hire your portable office: You can choose to buy or hire your portable office from Springfield, with flexible terms to fit with your business and budget.

· New or used: Your portable office can be custom designed and built from scratch, or you can choose to buy a used modular office building, whichever works for you!

Mobile Site Office Cabin & On Site Buildings

A construction site office can be a highly valuable feature on a construction site, providing a space to hold meetings, complete administrative tasks, and to welcome visitors. At Springfield, we aim to provide you with the best site offices on the market, for both hire and sale.

As well as our portable offices, we can also provide the following to ensure maximum efficiency on site:

  • Construction site accommodation
  • Canteens
  • Locker rooms
  • Toilets
  • Showers  
  • Security features, including alarms and steel shutters

At your request, your company logo, colour scheme, and images can be incorporated into the building to ensure it is recognisably part of your site. Multi-linked buildings are also an option for added convenience, and can be added to your existing modular buildings, where more space is required.

Useful to know

Find out more about the next steps in buying or hiring a modular building for your business by looking at the stock we currently have available and which finishes can be added to your building to create a bespoke unit. Alternatively, read some of our useful news articles in the Help & Advice category of our latest news.

Building finishes

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Available stock

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Help and advice

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Why choose Springfield


We have over 40 years’ experience in the portable building industry and know the best way to produce high-quality affordable buildings that meet everyone’s differing needs.

Made in the UK

We are proud of our buildings which are designed, sourced and built in the UK by our on-site dedicated teams.


Our on-site design and production allow us to create your building to your exact specifications - both inside and outside.


Our buildings are manufactured to last, and our building process means that there is less waste than with traditional building methods

Value for money

Our high-quality materials and production methods mean we can offer you great quality modular builds at an exceptional value.

Buy or hire

We give you the option to either buy or hire your building, depending on your needs. We also offer open-ended contracts so you can have more flexibility. 

Contact Us

Contact our friendly team for more information on our full range of buildings and how to start the process of hiring or buying a modular building for your business. Our expert team is always available to give advice, guidance or support

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