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Will a portable building set the right tone for my commercial business?

One of the many joys of choosing a portable building is the amount of choice it can offer you. This enables us to cater for a number of different sectors, including, but not limited to, school, nurseries, NHS surgeries, sports buildings and commercial businesses.

25 May 2018
3 reasons why a portable building is right for your business

Modular buildings provide a faster solution to creating a professional space. Building traditional foundations to extend your business premises is costly, but it also takes time. A modular building can be delivered, installed and up and running in a fraction of the time, and if you opt for a prefabricated modular building then it will arrive (almost) ready to move straight into!

19 April 2018
The process of hiring a portable building

When it comes to portable buildings, we know exactly what we’re talking about.

8 February 2018
Why choose Prefabricated Sports Buildings from Springfield?

One of the huge advantages with a modular building is the flexibility you can have around its design and the speed in which you can have a suitable, quality and durable building installed. Our prefabricated sports buildings are no exception, providing a fully equipped building that ticks all of the boxes, enabling you and your team to concentrate on training (and winning!), instead of on compromising with facilities that don’t meet the standards you require.

22 December 2017
What are the differences between portable, modular and jackleg buildings?

What do portable, modular and jackleg buildings all have in common? We can supply all three to buy or to hire! Whilst at first glance they may all seem similar, each has its own benefits, making them suitable for a variety of different situations dependant on your needs and the needs of your business.

23 November 2017
Should all UK schools be fitted with sprinklers?

All of our modular buildings, including those tailored for the educational sector, can be fitted with sprinklers. Our blog tells you why sprinklers in schools should be a necessity, not just a consideration.

8 November 2017

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