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Back To School: It All Comes Down To Space

The solution to most of the challenges facing “back to school” planning is often to create more space. Springfield have been providing a solution to this growing problem for over 45 years, focusing on space even more so during these socially-distanced and uncertain times.  Schools across the UK tell us our durable and child-safe portable buildings are the perfect solution where construction time, space and pupil safety are of the essence.

17 June 2020
Why is Hiring A Modular Building A Great Idea?

Whilst there are some advantages to purchasing a modular building outright, there is also a wide array of reasons to hire, including cost, time and flexibility.

28 February 2020
The Top 3 Health and Safety Benefits of Modular Construction

Health and safety on any construction site is crucial when it comes to staff and visitors, but often it is overlooked. As a whole, there have been improvements in the construction industry, but there is still a high percentage of fatal and major injuries. However, within the modular construction industry, enhanced health and safety is recognised as efficient and ever evolving.

3 January 2020
Why Modular Buildings Are A Flexible and Versatile Solution For Your Building Requirements

Every business needs flexibility to suit to suit their budget, timings, safety requirements and business function. You may be in the education sector and looking for additional classrooms or a sports changing room, you may be a commercial business looking for innovative building solutions for your growing business or you could be in the healthcare sector and need an additional GP consultation room. Whatever your industry needs are, modular buildings are the ideal solution.

27 December 2019
Why Our Windows Aren’t Just Designed For Aesthetic Purposes

The external finishes are so important for any new building, so that it can blend aesthetically into its surroundings and be personal to your taste and style. At Springfield, we offer a wide variety of external finishes, one type being windows tailored to you. Therefore, in this blog post we will take you through our vast variety of window options.

13 December 2019
What Key Skills Are Needed to Ensure Excellence in Every Modular Build?

At Springfield, we know that designing, constructing and installing a building of the highest standard is essential for every client to be satisfied with their modular building. Due to this, modular construction workers must be equipped with the ability to seamlessly move between off-site and on-site requirements.

8 November 2019

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