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Published: 7 September 2018 in Help & Advice

How Easy Is It To Hire A Portable Building?

Portable buildings are the future of the construction industry. Simple. The ability to be able to assemble components off site and then erect them in a swift and more environmentally friendly fashion, is the reason why it will soon leave traditional methods behind. Here at Springfield, offsite production has been our bread and butter for over 40 years and portable buildings are at the heart of what we do. We take pride in the unrivalled customisation we offer our clients, but this customisation isn’t limited to the choice of materials we put our buildings together with. What many of our potential customers don’t realise, is that our portable buildings are not only available to buy, they are also available to hire.

Bespoke cabins at your request

The primary characteristic that Springfield offers, which sets us apart from our competitors in the portable building industry, is the flexibility we offer clients. We manufacture of all of our buildings in our state-of-the-art, ISO-approved workshop, alongside our in-house design team. So, when clients come to us we can offer them a vast range of options in constructing a portable building which meet their specifications exactly. This flexibility can range from the external material of the building, to the internal design of the cabin right down to laying the last brick or fitting in the final glossy panel; we provide a fully customisable service.

This customisation is paramount in the construction of our portable cabins for hire. Clients can either choose from our existing stock of portable buildings which are already available to hire. Or we can consult directly with the client in order to create a bespoke portable building which meets all of your requirements. We will then review the suitability of the unit both for re-hire and for re-sale before we get to work putting the brand-new unit together.

Contract Options for Portable Building Hire

So, you know where you’ll place your portable building, how big you need it to be and how it’s going to look. But how will you pay for it? All of the buildings constructed by Springfield are available to purchase. There is however an alternative option for those individuals or companies who are seeking a more temporary option. Springfield offers two contract choices for those interested in hiring one of our portable buildings.

The first gives the power to the client, an agreement in which the contract period is proposed by the client themselves- a period which is best suited to you. This period can be any length between three months and five years and is at the discretion of the client. The second option better suits those without a fixed time period in mind. An open-ended contract allows clients to tell us when they’re finished with the building and we’ll come and take it down for them, providing complete flexibility. Both contract types mean that there is no long-term commitment from clients and is the perfect solution for those looking for a temporary classroom or an interim office block for example.

All of the buildings manufactured by Springfield are designed, sourced and built within the UK and we have led the portable buildings industry for decades. We take pride in the high-quality materials we use to construct these buildings, ensuring durable, reliable and attractive buildings that are tailored for the needs of each individual client. But we understand that buying a unit may not be an easy process for all types of clients, so we will always ensure a simple process for those in the market to hire.

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