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A temporary building is a perfect solution when the need for more space occurs - it really doesn’

14 January 2022
blue and white custom doors and windows

You may be wondering if you can have bespoke options for your building.

6 January 2022
What Is the Process Of Acquiring a Modular Building?

Is buying or hiring a modular building difficult? What are the steps involved in acquiring a modular building? Is modular construction a fast process? These are all questions we hear regularly. Read on to find out what you need to know about the process behind your modular building journey.

6 August 2021
How Do You Move A Portable Building?

Compared to a traditional building, one of the greatest advantages of a modular and portable buildings are that they can be easily moved to wherever you need them – when done correctly by professionals. So that you can have some insight into the process of moving a portable building, we have put this article together.

28 May 2021
Do You Need Planning Permission For A Modular Building?

A very common question we hear about our modular buildings is “Do I Need Planning Permission?” and what building regulations are needed as a part of the process. Read on to find out just that!

21 May 2021
Do Modular Buildings Have Bathrooms?

There is a preconceived negative perception of what a portable building looks like, but they are no longer just your bog-standard grey box. Nowadays the modular construction industry provides much more modern, bespoke and high-functioning buildings. Indeed, Springfield Mobile Limited are noted for the massive choice they offer both inside & out when constructing their buildings.

14 May 2021

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