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Published: 23 September 2022 in Sectors

Modular Buildings are Revolutionising School Accommodation Needs

Increasingly, schools and educational establishments are choosing modular for their expansion projects. There are a number of reasons, listed below, but these days it is not only for temporary needs. The significant development in materials and construction techniques ensures the life of a modular building is very much extended. This means modular buildings become a compelling choice when additional accommodation is required, particularly when all the following factors come into play.  

Speed of Construction 

Modular buildings are constructed off-site in purpose-built factories that enable strict quality control and health & safety policies and an altogether more efficient method of production. Factory building also means that construction is free from the impact of inclement weather, reduces material waste, ticks many environmental improvement boxes, and dramatically reduces production time. Bottom line is, Modular is much, much, faster than a traditional build. Additionally, the safety aspect is a critical factor in avoiding the dangerous mix of building activity and vulnerable children, offsite production completely removes the risk and installation can be, and usually is, planned for school holidays.  


Modular buildings are fully customisable, there are no restrictions on internal or external specifications, it is your space, tell us what you want, and we will build it. The layout, aesthetics and features are all bespoke to your needs. For further information regarding the finishes Springfield can offer, see our previous blogs: 

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Innovation and evolution within the industry now mean the old image of a cold green building stuck on bricks in a corner of the playground is long gone. If the space you need is an extension to an existing school building, that is fine, we will match the appearance of the existing building, and you will benefit from the extra space in double quick time and at a fraction of the cost. The flexibility is boundless, if the space exists, we can put a modular building on it, whatever the size. 


It is not just classrooms we can help with; we can meet your requirements for any type of building. When it comes to modular buildings the possibilities are endless.

Read our previous blog – Modular School Buildings: From Classrooms to Assembly Halls, Kitchens & Changing Rooms for further information on the types of buildings we can provide.  

Environmentally Friendly 

Beyond the speed and efficiency of our off-site builds, we also offer as standard many solutions for greener buildings. More efficient production, reduced transport activity, improved recycling of materials, less waste and on-site traffic. All buildings are energy efficient, environmentally friendly and comply with all the latest building regulations. They are also child friendly in terms of specialised internal features and installation when pupils are off-site. 

SEN Needs 

Springfield has also developed a reputation for its expertise in producing SEN buildings. We have installed many buildings designed to demanding specifications matching every SEN need including sensory equipment, accessibility solutions, impact resistance walls, soundproofing to 35db and many other internal facilities to ensure the4 safety and security of pupils and staff.

You can see more detailed information regarding our special needs buildings on our blog – How Modular Classrooms Can Help Special Education Needs

Temporary Solutions 

Should your need for space be a temporary one, a modular building can make the ideal solution for expansion, leasing or hiring a modular building can solve a short-term or long-term project. We can also collect the building on completion of the project and move the building to another area of the site if required or if hired take it back into our hire fleet. 

If the project of acquiring a modular building is either daunting or too time-consuming, then Springfield can offer a full turnkey package with one project manager guiding you from start to finish. Our buildings are designed with your needs in mind and benefit from over 40 years of experience in the modular building industry.  

If you would like more information on our projects check out our case studies, testimonials, and brochure. Alternatively, contact our expert team for a friendly discussion about your education needs, give us a call on 01744 851 958, fill out our contact form or request a callback. 

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