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What Kind of Bespoke Options Do Springfield Offer?

blue and white custom doors and windows

You may be wondering if you can have bespoke options for your building. Here at Springfield not only can you, but we are passionate about enabling you to specify as much as possible both inside and out from our massive range. There are multiple options, starting from basic shape and size decisions over windows and room size to cosmetic details such as electrical fittings and floor and wall finishes.

Building Finishes

Commissioning Springfield for your building empowers you to dictate exactly how your building looks outside and in with a wide range of internal and external finishing options for you to choose from. Maybe you have to ensure the building sits aesthetically in its surroundings by matching neighbouring buildings or keen to promote the corporate brand by having the exterior reflect corporate colours - no problem, there is little we can’t do so let your imagination run wild!


Windows can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes, from square and rectangular to circular or bespoke shapes. Standard safety features include UPVC, Pilkington "K" Glass, double glazing, and lockable handles. Bespoke features include tinting, colours, additional vents, Argon filling, solar tint, toughened glass, and lamination. We also provide safety features for school and nursery windows to provide an extra level of security.

Internal Finishes

Our internal finishes range is extensive, depending on the requirements of your building. Just picture the space available and fill it exactly how you want, if it’s available we’ll fit it. 

High specification kitchen units, showers, toilet blocks with child height facilities, gyms, dentists, sports pavilions, pharmacies, and sale suites - we’ve done it all over the years. When it comes to decor the choices are endless, walls, floors, lighting, materials, and colours are all your choice but don’t worry you will have a dedicated project manager to discuss your needs and guide you. Don’t forget our industry-leading dedication to child safety features for schools and nurseries. 

External Fascias

Adding a bespoke fascia enhances the external appearance of your building. The usual choices include flat, bull-nosed, square, and square stepped in a wide range of colours.

External Cladding

We believe in the saying that first impressions count and clearly the first people will notice is the outside of your new building. If you imagine your building has to look like the old school buildings from your childhood, think again because the choice is wide. As mentioned above you have the opportunity to match your surroundings or stand out with colours or images. You may need to consider planning regulations at this point but we can help with this too. Standard options include timber, brickslip (which looks just like brickwork because it’s made from bricks but in panels) plastisol, laminate, all finishes including thermally efficient cladding as standard.


Choose from a flat or pitched roof with a variety of colour and tile profiles, and the ability to match cladding or stand apart. 

Building Specific Fixtures and Fittings

Our fixtures and fittings can be anything needed to finish your building for specific requirements. The options here are endless but some of the fixtures we regularly include are:

  • Office Furniture - from storage and lighting to workstations and seating

  • Safety Features - from fire alarms and security cameras to shutters and emergency lighting

  • Accessibility - including steps, ramps and compliance features


This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to bespoke features in a Springfield building. We pride ourselves on creating tailor-made space and creating the perfect solution for our customers, absolutely fit-for-purpose. If there are any additional ideas or suggestions for your building we will work with you to meet your needs, with a dedicated project manager who will work with you to create your ideal building from concept to completion. 

Our expert team is always happy to help with advice, guidance and support. Contact us via our contact form or call us on 01744 851958.

Why choose Springfield


We have over 40 years’ experience in the portable building industry and know the best way to produce high-quality affordable buildings that meet everyone’s differing needs.

Made in the UK

We are proud of our buildings which are designed, sourced and built in the UK by our on-site dedicated teams.


Our on-site design and production allow us to create your building to your exact specifications - both inside and outside.


Our buildings are manufactured to last, and our building process means that there is less waste than with traditional building methods

Value for money

Our high-quality materials and production methods mean we can offer you great quality modular builds at an exceptional value.

Buy or hire

We give you the option to either buy or hire your building, depending on your needs. We also offer open-ended contracts so you can have more flexibility. 

Contact Us

Contact our friendly team for more information on our full range of buildings and how to start the process of hiring or buying a modular building for your business. Our expert team is always available to give advice, guidance or support.

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