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Published: 7 April 2022 in Sectors

Modular School Buildings: From Classrooms to Assembly Halls, Kitchens & Changing Rooms

It is widely acknowledged that when it comes to children’s education, the learning environment is critical to a child’s early development. Modular school buildings may not be the first thing you think of when considering an expansion of your schools’ space but a closer look will reveal all the benefits of a traditional build at a fraction of the time & cost. When you then discover that Springfield has been providing buildings to the education sector for over 40 years and offer a valuable experience not widely available in the industry the choice of Springfield becomes compelling.

What Can Springfield Do For Your School?

Springfield modular buildings offer a bright, airy and stimulating learning environment for your pupils, with the internal and external design chosen by you. 

One of the primary reasons why schools and local authorities turn to us is that we offer tailored features and facilities for schools to help meet their individual requirements including but not limited to:

  • Large classroom spaces with teaching walls
  • Anti-scald taps
  • Door & window finger guards
  • Lighting which has been proven to enhance learning
  • Electronically controlled roof skylights with automated ventilation management and rain sensors
  • Access control on external doors
  • Heavy-duty plasterboard to provide increased impact resistance & soundproofing

Advantages of Modular School Buildings

Our years of experience mean we can work with you to design a modular school building that perfectly suits the needs of your school, whilst staying within budget.

The buildings are manufactured in our St Helens factory reducing on-site disruption and delivered when convenient for you, school holidays being an obvious choice to minimise the risk to children and staff.

Our buildings are manufactured to last, and with minimum waste on-site, which means a modular school building is much more sustainable than a traditional build. At Springfield, we are proud of our processes and feel it sets a great example for future generations.

If you would like to find out more about modular school buildings and how we help the education sector, visit our website or call our fantastic team on 01744 851958.

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