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Published: 11 November 2022 in Sectors

Modular Offices for Improved Health and Wellbeing

Modular buildings are increasingly becoming a compelling choice for many situations given the massive improvements made in design and materials in recent years. Additionally, they offer all the benefits of a traditional build at a fraction of the time and cost. However, what is often overlooked is the major contribution to the health & well-being of those working in modular buildings. 

Whatever the building, for those who work in an office, health and well-being should be a priority.  

Not only does a happy and healthy workforce provide a better quality of work they also reduce the cost of sick days and absences, improving productivity which will clearly lead to higher profits.  

So, how do you create an office space for improved health and well-being? 

A great place to start would be to consider a modular building that offers many of the qualities needed. 

Improved Air Quality 

Average Brits spend around 90% of their day indoors but modern office buildings have a high level of pollutants, in some cases up to five times higher than outdoors. Indoor air quality is vital, and ventilation helps to reduce the spread of illnesses.  

Natural Light 

During winter up to 90% of British workers don’t see any natural light, which can be a leading cause of the seasonal affective disorder. Lack of natural light in a working environment can also be associated with short-sightedness. In a Springfield building, it is highly unlikely that you will be far from a window, for situations where that isn’t the case, we offer buildings that can be customised to include skylights, and natural ventilation which improves both air quality and access to natural light.  

Sustainable Materials 

It is a fact that employees surrounded with sustainable materials report higher personal productivity and concentration and are more likely to find their workplaces inviting and energising.  

Springfield is dedicated to reusing materials and maximising resources, check out our sustainability policy here https://www.spring-field.co.uk/sustainability 

To see more about our sustainable practices read our previous blogs: Eliminating Waste and Maximising Resources and Are Modular Buildings Sustainable? 

Outdoor Access 

According to the UK Green Building Council’s report ‘Nature-based Solutions for the Climate Emergency: The benefits to business and society’ the inclusion of nature within the built environment can contribute to happier, healthier communities.

Additionally, access to green space is proven to encourage physical activity, people with access to greener areas were 24% more likely to achieve recommended levels. Clearly, the positioning of buildings is dictated by you, but our buildings can be designed with direct access to outdoor space including easy open doors, accessible ramps, and canopies for protection from changing weather conditions. 

Additional Facilities 

In addition to the integral advantages of modular buildings for health & well-being, we are seeing an increasing trend towards the installation of modular buildings for on-site gym facilities for employees. This isn’t surprising given that only 34% of British adults meet the weekly recommended amount of physical activity.

Providing gym facilities at work doesn’t just mean fit, healthy employees, it also translates to less stressed and depressed employees too: an attractive proposition for employers and employees alike. 

How about high-spec break-out rooms or welfare facilities? We have recently completed a fabulous space for AstraZeneca staff check this out if you want to see the possibilities. 

If your interest is in Gyms, this is worth a look – All You Need to Know About Prefab Gym Buildings

Mental Health Support 

Mental Health is also finding increasing attention in the current workplace. 

In 2019, a total of 602,000 workers experienced work-related stress, depression, or anxiety: resulting in 12.8 million lost working days. In the UK stress, depression, or anxiety accounted for 54% of all working days lost due to ill health. Poor mental health also has a negative impact on morale, motivation, productivity, and performance. 

Supporting mental health should be a key consideration for all organisations, from both an ethical and economic perspective, considering modular buildings for your staff is without question a step in the right direction 


Finally, there is also a recognition that demonstrating genuine care for employees should include attention to all of the above which we can help with but additionally your employees should feel comfortable and your business should be known as a great place to work, with diversity and equality.

This includes being fair and open during the hiring process, and paying fair wages but also little things such as flexible working, recognition rewards and a relaxed clothing policy for positions that aren’t customer-facing. Putting a small effort into making your office a safe and comfortable space will greatly impact your staff’s well-being.  

If you would like to know more about the benefits of modular buildings, hiring or buying used buildings find out how Springfield Mobile can help you, contact us online or call 01744 851 958. 

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