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Published: 19 May 2022 in Help & Advice

Are Modular Buildings Sustainable?

Modular construction is both cheaper and less time consuming compared with traditional construction methods, but there are also a number of sustainability benefits. 

Around 40% of landfill waste comes from construction, however, it has been proved that modular construction can reduce waste by up to 90%, thanks to off-site construction methods employed in the modular building industry.

90% of the construction of our modular buildings takes place at our ISO-approved workshop. This means that there is far less wastage of materials and resources with highly efficient use of energy. Leftover materials are recycled for future projects and materials are protected from moisture and weather conditions.

Further environmental benefits on-site are energy-efficient construction, lower noise pollution and dramatically reduced vehicle movements. Our equipment and machinery do not need to be transported saving fuel costs and keeping our carbon footprint down.

A key advantage of modular structures is that they can be dismantled, relocated, reused or extended.

Springfields Environmental Commitments:

  • Source our materials from suppliers who can demonstrate environmentally responsible internal policies, with all new products evaluated accordingly
  • Sourced locally where possible, using sustainable products
  • Monitor and improve our waste monthly through innovative re-use and recycling programmes
  • Ensure our research and design team-work towards constantly improving our environmental credibility through intelligent design to ensure our units continue to exceed air permeability testing and improve thermal efficiency, lower running costs and reduced carbon emissions
  • Ensure only licensed and appropriate organisations dispose of waste.
  • Evaluate the impact of our vehicles on the environment by choosing energy-efficient vehicles where available, this includes green, hybrid and electric pool cars maintained as directed by the manufacturer
  • Review our energy supplier on an annual basis and constantly seek ways to reduce our use of all energy products
  • Invest in energy cost reduction by improving the fabric of our building to reduce waste
  • Limit journeys to those where no suitable economic alternative is available 
  • Recruit local employees where possible and provide funding to promote cycle use
  • Increase employee awareness of the business’s impact on our environment by sharing our policies and ideals with them, and additionally seek ideas and suggestions during our monthly staff business improvement meetings
  • Analyse our cleaning materials for environmentally safe impact.
  • Take advantage of all proven environmental improvements to new products, ideas and innovations where suitable
  • Constantly review and update our activity and policy to ensure we continue to optimise our contribution to the environment.

These energy-efficient-for-life buildings represent an energy saving of up to 67% over more traditional construction methods. When compared with traditional construction methods, modular delivers sustainability and value plus the opportunity to create routes into the construction industry through creating skilled jobs in modular construction.

Furthermore, our modular buildings can be installed with energy-efficient glass, solar panels and other green features. As a result, not only is the actual construction of the building green, but the long-term running of the building also works out to be sustainable. 

If you would like to know more about the benefits of portable and modular buildings and find out how Springfield Mobile can help you, contact us online or call 01744 851 958.

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