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Read our latest blogs for useful information about our full range of building types, from which building type is best for your project to the differences between the building types. 

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Portable Cabin Hire vs. Purchase

Portable cabins are extremely versatile buildings and therefore can be applied to a multitude of business uses. From offices to classrooms or healthcare to sports facilities, portable cabins are flexible spaces with many customisable features.

3 December 2021
Portable Office Cabins: Perfect For Startups or Expansions

If you're an entrepreneur starting a business from scratch with a need for a physical location, or an established outfit looking to expand your existing footprint - your answer may not be in ‘bricks and mortar’. In this article, we will delve more into portable cabins and what makes them perfect as offices and boardrooms.

18 November 2021
The Many Uses Of Jackleg Cabins

Built off-site, Jackleg Cabins are ready to move into as soon as they are delivered. The installation of your cabin will be timely and cost-effective and has a wide variety of finishing options, layouts and sizes. Read on to learn more.

15 October 2021
The Rising Role Of Upcycling Through Choosing Modular Buildings

In this article, we look at the importance of sustainability in construction through upcycling older buildings, as our industry works hard to minimise time, costs and environmental impact.

17 September 2021
How Long Do Modular Buildings Last?

The life-expectancy of modular buildings, just like traditional buildings, depends on the maintenance and upkeep after handover. But in many cases this can be in excess of 30 years and in many cases modular buildings often outlast their original intended purpose.

3 September 2021
Portable Building Interior Ideas: What Could Your Building Look Like?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to making your ideal building aesthetically appealing to look at, as well as completely functional both inside and out. We have previously discussed some of the external building finishes that we provide, and in this article we look more closely at what we can do to make your building perfect on the inside too, based upon what you ned from your new space.

25 June 2021

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