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Standardisation Vs Customisation: Modular Construction for Schools

Often, standardisation of a product or service would not be regarded as a great selling point – especially here at Springfield where we strive to provide bespoke, unique modular buildings shaped to your needs. However, with the current need to build schools efficiently and to a high-standard, some companies are considering a standardised manufacturing approach for school construction. 

18 October 2019
Springfield Modular’s Mission

Springfield takes a unique approach to the purchasing process for our portable buildings, to ensure that the service we provide is as brilliant as the products we produce. Everything we do is central to our clients and company mission.

11 October 2019
How Can Off-site Modular Building Significantly Decrease Production Time?

Off-site construction can reduce build times significantly. Typically, modular building methods can deliver time-savings of between 30% and 50% over traditional builds. Due to this, UK demand for modular construction is on the rise.

4 October 2019
The Perfect Off-Site Addition For A Sports Team

Running a local sports team is a rewarding venture. Owners draw from their communities and local support networks to aid in the maintenance of their clubs to ensure eventual sporting success. Although all of those in sports teams aspire to the great heights of the Premier League or the Bowls National Championship, the harsh reality is that local clubs find it difficult to expand.

27 September 2019
Will AI Become Part Of The Off-Site Construction Industry?

Artificial intelligence. Technology that some see as the future of many workforces, with complex algorithms potentially replacing a lot of the day to day process that are currently occupied by their human counterparts. As controversial as this dystopic future may be, in today’s workplace, AI has become increasingly more commonplace.

20 September 2019
Billinge Juniors Kick Off The New Football Season With A New Kit, With Help From Springfield Mobile Limited

Billinge Rangers can now show off their brand new kit, sponsored by Springfield Mobile Limited.

19 September 2019

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