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Pushing The Boundaries Of Offsite Construction For Ambulatory Care

Urgent and Emergency Care (UEC) services are critical in keeping the UK population healthy. The NHS responds to more than 110 million urgent calls or visits every year, so it is essential that the system works effectively. Recently, off-site construction has taken steps towards relieving some pressure that our invaluable health system faces.

6 December 2019
How Can the Education and Construction Sectors Benefit Each Other?

The benefits of modular education facilities are frequently utilised by nurseries, schools and higher education institutions across the UK. However, the recent government announcement that from next year all international university graduates could qualify for a two-year period to work in the UK, could have a fantastic impact on the construction industry.

29 November 2019
How Can Modular Buildings Help to Ignite Young Imaginations?

Nurseries are trusted to be a safe, educational and social environment for small children. This demands a building that can accommodate a range of needs and a space that parents can trust in alongside the hardworking employees that care for their children. Modular buildings are the ideal solution, providing a welcoming building with features to ensure safety and fun!

22 November 2019
The Benefits of Modular Bathroom Facilities

Many people have a pre-conceived negative perception of portable building bathrooms being basic and lacking a certain finesse that you can achieve in a traditional building. However, this is a dated and incorrect perception within the modern modular construction industry.

15 November 2019
What Key Skills Are Needed to Ensure Excellence in Every Modular Build?

At Springfield, we know that designing, constructing and installing a building of the highest standard is essential for every client to be satisfied with their modular building. Due to this, modular construction workers must be equipped with the ability to seamlessly move between off-site and on-site requirements.

8 November 2019
Why Choose a Two-Storey Portable Building?

If your business has limited space but is looking to expand, then a two-storey modular building is an ideal solution. We can even stretch to three-storey! This additional space can offer many functions across many sectors.

25 October 2019

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