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Why should you consider modular buildings for commercial use?

As with every business, decisions to invest need to make corporate sense. They need to stick to a budget, and a timeframe, so as to reduce the potential impact it could have on employees and clients. This is where a portable or modular building from Springfield suits the commercial sector brilliantly.


24 January 2018
Portable buildings for the NHS

Springfield portable buildings provide a clean and bright working space, making them an excellent choice when it comes to a healthcare building for the NHS. We understand that the NHS is under extreme pressure, and we understand the importance of liberating that stress wherever possible. This is where we feel our modular buildings can really benefit the healthcare system.

5 January 2018
Why choose Prefabricated Sports Buildings from Springfield?

One of the huge advantages with a modular building is the flexibility you can have around its design and the speed in which you can have a suitable, quality and durable building installed. Our prefabricated sports buildings are no exception, providing a fully equipped building that ticks all of the boxes, enabling you and your team to concentrate on training (and winning!), instead of on compromising with facilities that don’t meet the standards you require.

22 December 2017
What are the differences between portable, modular and jackleg buildings?

What do portable, modular and jackleg buildings all have in common? We can supply all three to buy or to hire! Whilst at first glance they may all seem similar, each has its own benefits, making them suitable for a variety of different situations dependant on your needs and the needs of your business.

23 November 2017
Should all UK schools be fitted with sprinklers?

All of our modular buildings, including those tailored for the educational sector, can be fitted with sprinklers. Our blog tells you why sprinklers in schools should be a necessity, not just a consideration.

8 November 2017
Portable Building Finishes Perfect for Nurseries

Springfield modular buildings give you the freedom to design a space that not only complies with strict health and safety features, but also allows you to create an exciting space that will ignite the imaginations of young minds. Our modular buildings are perfect for the education and nursery sectors and we have years of experience to help you design the perfect space that meets your needs.

26 October 2017