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The Benefits Of A Modular Breakfast Club For Schools, Parents and Pupils

Regardless of building usage, schools are struggling for space. Whether it’s an additional room for recreational activities, new changing facilities for your sports department, a building dedicated to a certain subject discipline or a separate space to host breakfast club, modular buildings can help your school function more efficiently.

6 March 2020
Why is Hiring A Modular Building A Great Idea?

Whilst there are some advantages to purchasing a modular building outright, there is also a wide array of reasons to hire, including cost, time and flexibility.

28 February 2020
Modular University Buildings: Elite Design and Construction

When it comes to further education, the right learning, living and campus environment is critical to student enjoyment and academic success. This can be applied to all levels of education, as each stage is important to excel and reach the next. In this blog post we will look at how the increasing quality and sustainability of a modular build has helped to accommodate aspects of university life.

20 February 2020
Make Your Building Unique with External Cladding Options

Whether it is important to you for your new building to blend aesthetically into its surroundings, to stand out, or to be personalised to your business, building finishes are a great way to make your building unique to your requirements.

14 February 2020
The Barriers to Offsite Construction Vs The Benefits

In this blog post we will explore the key barriers of offsite construction as well as its benefits, as identified in a recent survey. We will also discuss how some of these barriers have been surpassed.

7 February 2020
Creating A Modular Pharmacy

The healthcare sector is under a serious amount of pressure. People are living longer, medicine is becoming more expensive and local healthcare bodies are constantly put under financial strain. Due to this, affordable, clean, bright and comfortable environments that are designed to be expanded upon are essential for staff and patients.

24 January 2020

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