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COVID-19 Update: Following a full safety review, our manufacturing facility is operating safely. We are working to Site Operation Procedures as set out by the Construction Leadership Council. Call 01744 851958 or email sales@spring-field.co.uk to enquire.


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COVID-19 Update: Springfield Are Back Up And Running - 11 May 2020

Following Boris Johnson’s announcement on Sunday evening as well as assurance from our Health and Safety advisors, careful planning and our drive to get up and running, we are now reopening our manufacturing facility. 

11 May 2020
Weekly Update: Unit Availability and Coronavirus Restrictions

Our decision to follow Government advice and protect our staff by completely ceasing new production at our St Helens factory remains in place for the time being. It is impossible to guarantee social distancing in a busy factory and we are not prepared to risk our loyal and valuable staff. However, we can still access our extensive hire fleet for urgent requirements for space and have established safe, government approved working practices to deliver and site any of our units across the UK.

17 April 2020
Modern Methods of Construction: Providing outstanding learning spaces for pupils

We have said many times before just how important learning spaces are in schools. We can see from recent industry research as well as our own insights that many more modular schools are beginning to be built.

3 April 2020
Construction 2025: How Green Is Modular Construction?

Overall, UK construction uses more than 40 million tonnes of materials annually, making it the nation’s largest consumer of natural resources. Government and industry strategy states that within the next five years both construction-related emissions and project delivery times must be halved, and one clear solution to help achieve this is utilising off-site construction.

In this blog post, we will consider how ‘green’ modular construction is, including the sustainability benefits, waste management and recycling involved in modular construction.

27 March 2020
Can Off-Site Construction Methods Be Used To Create Small-Scale Power Stations?

Off-site construction is an ever-expanding and popular technique used in a variety of industries, such as education, commercial and healthcare. However, there is scope for it to develop further and branch into the mainstream construction sector and be applied to alternative building types and industries. A prime example of this is the development of the next generation of compact nuclear power stations.

20 March 2020
Helping Our NHS with Modular Ward Extensions

Modular construction is an ever-growing method of expansion to help alleviate some of the pressure our health services are under. This method can be used for creating buildings for many purposes, including but not limited to modular pharmacies, portable GP surgeries, waiting rooms and ward extensions.

13 March 2020

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