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We take a closer look into why modular classrooms provide a fantastic learning environment and why they are worth considering as part of your expansion plans. 

8 October 2021
Fit-For-Purpose Learning Environments: Prefabricated School Buildings

In this article, we look at how prefabricated school buildings are a fantastic choice for your school.

24 September 2021
The Rising Role Of Upcycling Through Choosing Modular Buildings

In this article, we look at the importance of sustainability in construction through upcycling older buildings, as our industry works hard to minimise time, costs and environmental impact.

17 September 2021
What Can Modular Healthcare Buildings Be Used For?

Having a modular building as your dental office can bring many benefits to your practice, its staff and its patients. In this article, we explore these benefits.

10 September 2021
How Long Do Modular Buildings Last?

The life-expectancy of modular buildings, just like traditional buildings, depends on the maintenance and upkeep after handover. But in many cases this can be in excess of 30 years and in many cases modular buildings often outlast their original intended purpose.

3 September 2021
Modular Classrooms: Improving Student Engagement

Our modular classrooms offer a bright, airy and stimulating learning environment for your pupils, with internal and external design chosen by you.

27 August 2021

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