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Fit-For-Purpose Learning Environments: Prefabricated School Buildings

Fit-For-Purpose Learning Environments: Prefabricated School Buildings

We’ve said it before, and we stand by the fact that having the right learning environment for pupils is critical. Whether that’s children in a nursery where safety features are paramount, all the way through to further education where fittings for the most up to date technology are included, alongside the need for SEN educational establishments to have everything possible to ensure enhanced learning and development. In this article, we look at how prefabricated school buildings are a fantastic choice for your school.

What Is A Prefabricated Building?

Prefabricated buildings consist of factory manufactured components that are transported to and then assembled on-site. They differ from modular buildings in that they are generally complete buildings, rather than individual units.

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Why Have A Prefabricated School Building?

When it comes to your school, our focus lies on three main factors:

  • Fast turnaround times:  The bulk of our prefabricated construction work is completed off-site which drastically cuts the manufacturing time compared with traditional builds. We can deliver your classroom in just a few weeks if needs be, whether this is a hire or purchase agreement.
  • Lower costs: Our off-site methods mean that costs for our classrooms are much cheaper in comparison to traditional builds.
  • Less disruption:  We will only need to be on-site for a matter of days to install your buildings – limiting disruption to your pupils.

Our prefabricated buildings in particular have a distinct benefit; they are incredibly flexible. The size, number of levels, finish and interior specification of your prefabricated building are all easily adaptable. You can even add modules at a later date so your building can grow with your company.

Our prefabricated buildings are also environmentally-friendly. Fewer on-site deliveries coupled with off-site manufacturing methods mean we work efficiently and can maintain more sustainable methods of working. The quality of our buildings and their efficient energy consumption also help to keep costs down during the buildings’ lifetime.

A key takeaway is that prefabricated buildings are a sustainable and cost-effective option that minimises on-site disruption, allowing your pupils to continue their learning without interruption.

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Are Prefabricated Buildings Bespoke?

Just because they are a quick, flexible and lower-cost alternative to a traditional build, this doesn’t mean that the range of finishing options to make your building bespoke aren’t top-quality. The types of internal and external finishes we provide mean you can make both the interior and exterior of your building meet your exact requirements. These include:

  • Cladding
  • Windows
  • Roofing and fascia options
  • Internal safety features for children

Prefabricated classrooms shouldn’t just function as a learning space, they should be adaptable, allowing you to have specialist facilities and open-plan spaces that are tailored to your specific needs. Simply, let us know what you need, and we will look to create your required space.

Your New School Building

We have experience in providing permanent and specialist facilities both as a complete school and as an extension of an existing building. We have been consistently told by schools across the UK that our durable and child-safe buildings are the perfect solution.

We have been able to fine-tune our processes to ensure we offer a fast, efficient, hassle-free, budget-friendly way to expand your school. So, If you would like to find out more about our work in the education sector, or you’d like some more information on projects we have previously successfully delivered, take a look at our case studiestestimonials and brochure. Or, to have a friendly discussion with one of our expert team, call on 01744 851 958, fill out our contact form or request a callback.

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