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Published: 17 June 2020 in Help & Advice

Back To School: It All Comes Down To Space

The solution to most of the challenges facing “back to school” planning is often to create more space. Springfield have been providing a solution to this growing problem for over 45 years, focusing on space even more so during these socially-distanced and uncertain times.  Schools across the UK tell us our durable and child-safe portable buildings are the perfect solution where construction time, space and pupil safety are of the essence.


What Problems Are Faced By Schools?

As the process of getting our children back into the education system begins to gather pace, the challenges being faced by those tasked with managing their safe return are becoming clear.

The acknowledged problems are:

  • Child safety
  • Class size
  • Hygiene
  • Handwashing
  • Distancing
  • Mental well-being  


Our Educational sources tell us all these problems, in one way or another, lead to classroom space, or rather, a lack of it. An added frustration is the lack of space may only be temporary as our Scientist’s race to develop long term solutions.

In any event, who can afford to spend a lot on a temporary problem?


Can Modular Buildings Provide A Low Cost Solution?

Investing substantial sums solving temporary problems is clearly not a clever idea, but we can provide you with bright, clean, safe and modern temporary solutions that can be implemented in days, at a modest cost. A modular building can provide all the space you need, whether this is on a temporary or permanent basis.

We pride ourselves on being industry experts and leaders when it comes to creating and implementing modular school buildings for schools and nurseries alike.


What Safety & Security Measures Can Be Provided In A Modular School Building?

During our long history we have introduced many innovations to ensure the space we deliver provides a child friendly environment; these include:

  • Anti-scald taps
  • Door & window finger guards
  • Lighting proven to enhance learning
  • Electronically controlled roof sky lights with automated ventilation management and rain sensors
  • Alternative resource provision upgrades:
    • Intervention rooms
    • Access control on external doors
    • Heavy duty plasterboard to provide increased impact resistance & sound proofing to a 35db rating


Why Springfield?

There are no contracts, no time limits, and best of all, when you no longer require the space, we will take it away, you just pay for the time you really need it.

We don’t just deliver the space, we work with you to maximise the area with innovative ideas and safety features that ensure a safe, secure environment conducive to learning to ensure you receive the very best return for your investment.


Your Next Steps

Put your trust in us to deliver exactly the space you need, however demanding the requirements.

A good place to start the process would be to have a quick chat with one of our friendly Project Managers who will listen to your specific problems, time frames, precise space needs and available funding and then talk you through the options available to you.

To get in contact with us give us a call on 01744 851 958, fill out our contact form or request a call back.

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