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Published: 4 March 2022 in Sectors

How do Modular Building Facilities Affect Staff Satisfaction?

In the UK we average around 3,507 days at work, this means ensuring employees are comfortable in the workplace is an essential element in ensuring job satisfaction and keeping a happy workforce. When staff are comfortable at work, productivity improves along with employee engagement and job satisfaction.

A major workplace satisfaction study by consulting engineers Hoare Lea evaluated factors such as the influence of the indoor environment on wellbeing indicators, such as daylight, and temperature. The study reveals that the impression of the workplace is influenced by three major factors: layout; how well it portrays the company’s image; and how well the space is used. Other factors, such as quality of decoration and tidiness, have a secondary influence. Feedback highlighted the value of an office having good facilities, daylight, and green plants.

So how do modular buildings fit into this? There are so many ways to use a modular building at your workplace and the real bonus is that you can incorporate all the elements that score highly with employees. Most modular building manufacturers will try to meet your need for space with a pre-built unit from stock that they hope will do. At Springfield, we start with a blank sheet of paper and create the building you want with multiple-choice options both inside and out. The opportunities to build staff satisfaction into the space is almost limitless.

Windows, any size and shape will help make the space bright and airy. Flooring, wall coverings, and lighting are all your choice. External choices start with any colour plastisol you like. Cedar and brick finishes are available or you can combine the two to really make your building standout.

If you really want to improve your employees’ comfort level, how about a luxury kitchen with high-spec equipment and maybe a comfortable break-out area for those all-important breaks. At Springfield, the ability to customise your modular building with your staff satisfaction in mind has never been easier and your project manager will be delighted to show you how.

Staff satisfaction goes far beyond the office, there are many other purposes for modular buildings in the workplace:

Toilet facilities

Reception area

Changing Rooms

Training Rooms

Meeting Rooms

Whatever the purpose of your building, Springfield can collaborate with you to make the space comfortable for all who use it to deliver ultimate staff satisfaction. 

For more information or advice on an upcoming project contact us today.

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