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Published: 22 November 2019 in Sectors

How Can Modular Buildings Help to Ignite Young Imaginations?

Nurseries are trusted to be a safe, educational and social environment for small children. This demands a building that can accommodate a range of needs and a space that parents can trust in alongside the hardworking employees that care for their children. Modular buildings are the ideal solution, providing a welcoming building with features to ensure safety and fun!

Why Choose a Modular Building for Your Nursery?

When it comes to children’s education, it is proven that the right learning environment is critical to a child’s early development. But within the educational sector, time and money are often limited resources when trying to provide the right facilities to fully facilitate this. For this reason, a modular building is the ideal solution. They are a much more cost-effective alternative to traditional builds, as well as having a much faster lead time.  

On top of time and cost savings, a modular build can provide a completely bespoke space that is designed with enjoyment as well as education in mind.



Putting Safety, Security and Accessibility First

We know how important safety is. Therefore, we have a variety of safety features available to you, such as:

  • Roller blinds with anti-ligature mechanisms to prevent accidents.
  • Soft close doors to stop fingers getting trapped.
  • Anti-scald taps to children can wash their hands with warm soapy water, without the worry of them getting hurt.
  • Lockable, solar tinted windows which protect against harmful UV rays.
  • Wheelchair and buggy friendly facilities throughout the building.
  • Low level toilets and sinks so that the bathroom is perfect for all children.
  • Lighting proven to enhance learning.
  • Electronically controlled roof sky lights with automated ventilation management and rain sensors.
  • Intervention rooms.
  • Access control on external doors.
  • Heavy duty plasterboard to provide increased impact resistance & sound proofing to a 35db rating.


On top of creating a space that complies with strict health and safety features, the design options and finishes are endless to create a tailored learning environment that is bespoke to your nursery needs. Furthermore, for both schools and nurseries, each of our buildings can be specified and fitted out as suitable for use as assembly halls, IT suites, after school club areas, laboratories, canteens, exclusion & reflection rooms, and many more options.


Springfield’s Mission

Schools across the UK tell us that our durable and child-safe portable buildings are the perfect solution where construction time and pupil safety are centric. Our off-site methods offer all the benefits of a traditional build at a fraction of the cost and time.

We have a very talented and qualified team when it comes to modular buildings and the education sector, so please feel assured that we can help you to create a brilliant learning environment. If you need a little more assurance, you can take a look at our testimonials and case studies or watch our YouTube video to find out more. Alternatively, call us on 01744 851958 for a helpful discussion about your requirements.

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