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Published: 4 October 2019 in Industry News

How Can Off-site Modular Building Significantly Decrease Production Time?

Off-site construction can reduce build times significantly. Typically, modular building methods can deliver time-savings of between 30% and 50% over traditional builds. Due to this, UK demand for modular construction is on the rise.


What Is Off-site Manufacturing?

Put simply, off-site construction refers to building processes that are implemented away from building sites in company production facilities to ensure high quality pre-fabricated components are made.  The construction, delivery and installation of a modular building is likely to halve the time needed to produce a traditional build.


How Does an Off-site Build Reduce Production Time?

There are a multitude of benefits to modular buildings, such as minimising costs, reducing material waste, reducing carbon footprint and a wider array in flexibility of building usage. However, the fact that the modular building process is significantly faster than traditional construction is acknowledged less often. Here are some of the reasons why producing a modular building off-site can reduce production time:

  • Streamlined construction process – Modular buildings can be fabricated at the same time as the foundation work is done on site.
  • Construction occurs in a climate-controlled environment, eliminating weather-related delays.
  • Assembly line installation reduces ‘down time’ compared to constant movement of trades to a variety of installation sites for a purely onsite project.
  • The planning and building regulations concerning the erection of modular buildings are more lenient than for traditional builds, meaning less time spent in planning.
  • With the increase in speed comes the decrease in overall cost, making buildings produced through off-site methods an extremely cost-effective solution.

For time sensitive projects, used modular buildings can be delivered and assembled on-site in as little as a few weeks.


A Modern Method to Revolutionise the Building Sector

A recent case study in the modular industry showed how The Modular & Portable Building Association (MPBA) is supporting members across numerous sectors to enhance innovation and technological advancements, in particular, to revolutionise the house-building sector due to the UK’s home shortage. Each year, thousands of modular homes are built, and the government plans to increase offsite manufacturers’ financial allowance to build thousands more by 2020. This is a significant step for the modular industry, as offsite production is so much more efficient as a manufacturing process.

Modular building is most prevalent in the health, education and housing sectors. Considering this, over 450 new schools and classrooms are required annually under the Priority School Building Programme (PSBP). As the modular building process is significantly faster than conventional construction, further developments could transform the construction market and pave the way to high-quality school buildings being erected nationally, at a faster pace.


Applications of Modular Buildings

Although we don’t produce residential buildings here at Springfield, we can draw on our wealth of experience in producing bespoke modular buildings for a variety of sectors. Off-site modular building is considered a potential solution to the lengthy production time that is often needed for a multitude of projects. And with the possibility of creating highly customisable and tailored modular buildings – why not trust in a company with more than 40 years’ experience that creates high-quality buildings at great value. 

The demand for customisation in modular building means that the manufacturing process has had to meet unique consumer needs. Due to this, design processes have evolved to meet a faster production process.

Consistent, cost-effective construction on an accelerated schedule in comparison to traditional on-site construction is a service that Springfield can provide. If you would like to find out more contact our brilliant team on 01744 851958.

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