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Published: 16 July 2021 in Sectors

Have You Considered A Modular Sports Pavilion?

Having a sports facility that meets each and every one of your requirements and is fully equipped and ready for use is the ideal sort of space that many sports clubs, schools, and leisure centres need – and that is something that Springfield can provide.

What Is A Sports Pavilion?

Sports pavilions are usually used as a refreshment area, an area for storage, somewhere with changing rooms, hosting meetings or club events and more. They are often buildings adjacent to a sports ground or at schools, to give a couple of examples.

Multi-purpose Buildings For Sports

We have previously discussed the benefits of a workplace with a modular gym, such as stress relief, keeping fit, and staying motivated. And these benefits also definitely come from being part of a sports team, along with many others, such as a sense of community, socialising, and more.

One of the reasons why sport is such a popular part of many peoples’ social lives is the width and breadth of the opportunity available. From local dance troops to casual running clubs or small gyms dedicated to HIIT classes, sport is not just limited to those who are part of football teams.

However, what we have found is that with this variety comes the need for a range of both tailored and multi-purpose buildings. Therefore, we are passionate about the fact that a modular building is a perfect solution for a club looking for a customisable, bespoke space.

What Can A Modular Sports Facility Be Used For?

All of our leisure buildings can be fully furnished, including:

  • Shower/wet rooms
  • Toilets
  • Changing areas with benches (home and away)
  • Kitchens
  • Gyms
  • Storage areas
  • Club meeting rooms

And whether you require portable football changing rooms or a bowling clubhouse, we strive to accommodate you. Our sports and leisure building range includes:

  • Shower and changing blocks
  • Sports pavilions
  • Park ranger bases
  • Dance studios
  • Gymnasiums
  • Arts and craft centres

The list really is endless. Depending on your needs, we can work with you to meet your requirements. This is because one of the main advantages of a modular building is the flexibility you can have around its design and the speed at which you can have a suitable, quality and durable building installed.

Modular Buildings For Sports Teams

Despite the differences between most sports and leisure activities, one common factor when looking to expand or develop facilities and finding that this type of work can be a very expensive venture. Modular buildings do however offer a solution because they are both bespoke and affordable.

Whether you’re improving your sports facilities or constructing them from scratch, a modular building is a perfect solution for your club. Just let our team work with you to produce a portable sports facility that is functional, durable and excellent value for money.

If you’d like some more information on projects we have previously successfully delivered, explore our case studies, testimonials and brochure.

Or, to get in contact with our expert team for a friendly discussion, give us a call on 01744 851 958, fill out our contact form or request a callback.

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