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Published: 23 April 2021 in Sectors

5 Benefits of A Workplace With A Modular Gym

Exercise and fitness are important parts of life. Having an office or building with a gym at your workplace can give many more opportunities to reap the benefits of exercise such as getting fitter, stronger and healthier. As the benefits of exercise are now so well-established, many businesses have begun to invest in wellbeing initiatives – one of the most popular beings to set up an office gym.

Why Should a Modern Business Set up An On-site Office Gym?

There are many reasons why it’s great to incorporate exercise into your workday. We have compiled a list of the top five reasons:

Job Satisfaction and Employee Retention

We’ve all been told many times before that exercise not only keeps us fit and healthy but also reduces stress – which in turn can improve job performance and satisfaction. Of course, job satisfaction can be affected by other variables too, but it is acceptable to assume that happy, healthy and calm individuals are more energetic, productive and satisfied with their jobs.

It would be considered a great perk by many staff members if a gym was incorporated onsite. Some companies have even used this perk as a retention tool. Many would see having a gym at work as a great financial incentive and may be disappointed to lose the benefits if they decided to leave the company.

Additionally, in terms of attracting and attaining new staff, a workplace gym would be seen as a positive and social company element, as well as showing that you are a company that cares for employee health and wellbeing.

Motivated Employees

The workplace can sometimes be an overwhelming environment. Workouts can help enhance brain productivity through functions such as memory, multitasking and problem-solving. This can improve productivity and motivation at work, as well as make employees feel more energetic and happier.

Additionally, employees who feel that their employer is invested in their wellbeing are more likely to be productive, more content at work and work collaboratively with others.

Reduced Absenteeism

Companies can save huge amounts of costs by introducing staff health and fitness systems to encourage a healthier workforce. This is because regular exercise keeps people healthier and they become less vulnerable to common illnesses so they can spend more time in the office instead of being off sick – which in turn will save you money as an employer.

Reduced Stress

One of the leading causes of absenteeism in the workplace is stress. This is particularly prominent if you’re working in a high-pressure business environment. Studies have shown that in the UK one of the most common reasons why people go to the gym is to relieve stress, as well as losing weight and keep fit. This is because working out raises your heart rate, improves blood flow, and releases stress. Therefore, enabling staff to do this more easily in an accessible space at work is going to be very enticing for many staff members.


Having a gym at work will solve a big problem that many face: not having enough time to go to the gym. Having an onsite gym will enable you to go before work, after work or during lunch. This means that you won’t be compromising your work schedule, but you can also commit to a long-term healthy lifestyle.

How Can Springfield Help?

Creating a bright, modern space that staff members want to utilise and will appreciate is a great choice for any business looking to enhance its site space.

The bespoke service we offer our clients means that we can meet your exact requirements, no matter what they are. From unique changing room designs to customising the external and internal features of your new building, we would love to help so that your team receives the perfect building.

We are incredibly passionate about the bespoke service that we offer and relish the opportunity to discuss your requirements. So, if you’d like some more information on projects we have previously successfully delivered, take a look at our case studiestestimonials and brochure.

Or, to get in contact with our expert team for a friendly discussion about your classroom needs, give us a call on 01744 851 958, fill out our contact form or request a callback.

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