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Published: 22 December 2017 in Building Types

Why choose Prefabricated Sports Buildings from Springfield?

One of the huge advantages with a modular building is the flexibility you can have around its design and the speed in which you can have a suitable, quality and durable building installed. Our prefabricated sports buildings are no exception, providing a fully equipped building that ticks all of the boxes, enabling you and your team to concentrate on training (and winning!), instead of on compromising with facilities that don’t meet the standards you require.

What can your prefabricated sport building include?

Whether your sports building needs to be a stand-alone facility, or something attached to existing buildings, we can create a modular building to accommodate the site in question. We understand that the key to success is preparation, and having a suitable, comfortable, accommodating building for your team can make all the difference to that all important team spirit!

All of our leisure buildings can be fully furnished, including:

  • Shower/wet rooms
  • Toilets
  • Changing areas with benches (home and away)
  • Kitchen

This isn’t where the list ends! Depending on your needs, we can work together to create a sports building that meets each and every one of your requirements. Perhaps you’d like a covered viewing platform for those eager football fans in the midst of winter? Or a larger dining space for cricket teas? No matter what you have in mind, our design team can provide an excellent solution.

Keeping your sports team and facilities safe with prefabricated sports buildings

We understand that due to the location of some sports buildings, vandalism can, unfortunately, be an issue. A stand alone building at the end of a field can be seen as a target, but we have a number of anti-vandalism measures we can take to reduce any potential damage. This can include shutters on the windows, for example. Depending on how much of a risk you think there is will depend on what steps you want to take to keep your building, and its contents, safe, and we can provide expert advice in suitable measures you can take to include on your build.

Why choose a modular building?

The days of a dull, grey portable building are long gone, simply browse through our brochure if you don’t believe us! The versatility a modular building gives you is truly outstanding, and we have the experience to guide your design specifications into a building that meets, and hopefully exceeds, your expectations.

What’s more, prefabricated buildings are a time saving, cost effective solution to your building needs – meaning your budget can be kept to, and your sports team can have new facilities in a fraction of the time when compared to a traditional build!

For more information on how Springfield can provide your with a prefabricated sports building in 2018, simply get in touch.

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