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Published: 10 September 2021 in Sectors

What Can Modular Healthcare Buildings Be Used For?

What can Modular Buildings be used for?

Absolutely anything, your choice?  How about a Dental Surgery?

The commercial world and particularly the medical sector is constantly changing and at an alarming rate.

We are moving into a world where we can expect and should be anticipating rapid change and be prepared to react accordingly and have rapid solutions to new challenges. If more space is needed and a rapid cost-effective solution critical a modular building is very likely the answer.

A great example of the above is the recent demand from our National Health Service for extra space to cope with increasing demands. This shift in the perception of modular buildings driven by the experience of gaining all the benefits of a traditional build at a fraction of the time and cost is now being adopted by many other sectors.

How about a Dental Surgery? Having a modular building as your dental office can bring many benefits to your practice, its staff and its patients. In this article, we explore these benefits.

It is safe to say that the specific needs of different healthcare practices, including dental clinics can be easily met through modular construction. A reputable company such as Springfield would also ensure that the team was sensitive and respectful to the healthcare environment at all times to ensure there was as little disruption as possible upon delivery and installation.

Benefits of Modular Construction in The Healthcare Industry

Besides the fact that both hiring and buying modular units is a fast and flexible way for healthcare providers to expand capacity or relocate services, buildings to accommodate the type of space needed can be delivered in a fraction of the time of a site-based construction solution. And critically, purpose-designed facilities can be installed with far less disruption to patient care. Here is additional detail surrounding the key benefits of choosing modular to consider:

Possibility For Expansion and Relocation

A growing dental practice might need to add space for medical equipment, and offices or expand patient waiting areas. Any new building provided can be designed to fit in or stand out with the existing practice aesthetics, we have a wide range of internal and external building finishes.

Further, you could opt for a portable building that can be designed to be relocated so that the practice can be moved to another location if necessary.

Faster Construction and Lead Time

A new building can be manufactured, transported, delivered, and installed in a fraction of the time that it would take to build a traditional structure. Part of this is because of the efficient fabrication in our off-site ISO-approved factory in St Helens. This means a dental practice could be up and running very quickly.

Clear Process and Turnkey Package

As our client, you can choose from any number of interior designs to match the overall brand of the practice, the other buildings in the area or the layout of the property. We work with you from start to finish to ensure you are happy with every part of the process.

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Construction Control

Part of the concern for anyone running a dental practice is cleanliness and calm patients. Some traditional buildings accumulate moisture and other debris during the lengthy construction process, which can result in a number of issues, such as mould. Modular construction eliminates this problem since the building is constructed in a climate-controlled environment.

Dentists can rest assured that they are offering treatment in a clean and safe environment with minimal disruption when the building is installed.

Healthcare Buildings from Springfield

You can look at all types of modular healthcare buildings we offer, on our dedicated NHS/Healthcare page.

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