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Published: 3 July 2015 in Building Types

Portable Offices For Expanding Businesses

Portable offices are a great idea for any business that is struggling with some extra workspace. There may be many reasons why you are finding things difficult – perhaps there are ongoing renovations, or your workforce has expanded faster than anticipated, or you have to take on seasonal staff to meet demand. No matter what the circumstances a temporary office can be a great investment that can meet your demands while also ensuring that every employee is happy working for you.

Moving around can not only disrupt productivity, but can also adversely affect morale, so having a ready-made solution is a great way to build continuity and ongoing trust between you and your employees.

Working Closely With You

Our business is based on listening to the needs of the customer to ensure that our service truly meets your needs. We can offer a wide variety of different finishes, sizes and designs that will work with your current facilities to ensure seamless integration. Many offices are situated alongside factories or shop floors where loading and influxes of goods take place. In such situations, things need to be kept clean, safe and clear which is something we need to carefully consider when creating your office. By working closely with us we will be able to draw up designs that not only meet the needs of your employees but also the requirements of the law.

Each building is constructed in an ISO-approved workshop to ensure that high-quality parts and labour are used during each phase. We can offer steel roofs that are pitched or flat, PVC timber effect, steel cladding, brick slip and natural woods. There is also a good selection of windows and fascias as well as full lighting, heating, plumbing and partitioning.

Rapid Installation

Because portable office buildings are constructed off-site, we can build and install them in a matter of weeks. This ensures that if you have any displaced or crowded office areas, they will not be waiting around for a long time while you find new traditional office areas which can take months.

Instead, you can simply put your new office on order and experience the bare minimum of disruption as we install it. With fully turnkey installations, you can move in straight away and be up and running in no time.


If you have sizable grounds, then you might consider that a modular solution like this can be expanded as and when. Having some forethought as to where this development might take place can save you having to move the offices at a later date. We can install our offices in a wide variety of locations, so going for the most immediate solutions may not always be the best.

Our solutions can make for some great versatility to create an office complex over time that can really add some dynamism to your business facilities. With each area being designed to exacting standards, it will seem every bit a part of your own business as any other of your buildings.

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