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Published: 8 March 2019 in Building Types

Portable cabins, the perfect partner for construction projects

With the development of science and technology comes the desire for bigger and more ambitious construction projects. The UK in particular is an example of a country for whom continuous expansion is important to meet the demands of a rising population. Hence, the introduction of ambitious and expensive projects cropping up across the country. In this blog we will explore how portable cabins are a fantastic addition to construction projects, providing a quick and bespoke office solution.

Are construction projects across the UK becoming more ambitious?

The planning and proposal of new and ambitious construction projects are typically based upon a particular development of a technology or an approach. A prime example of this type of development is an incentive that Highways England has recently introduced to help develop new ideas on how roads across the country will be designed and maintained in the future. The £20million fund invites a variety of firms to consider how technological advances in our transport will affect our approach to maintaining our roads.

This is an interesting approach to prompting companies to consider industry wide changes to our approach to the national construction of our roads. One prerequisite for being granted a part of the fund is considering how to maximise safety with the use of autonomous vehicles for example. It is not however the only vast project to be taking place in the UK. The infamous HS2 line is currently under construction in various parts across the UK. Work on the Birmingham Spur HS2 line for example began in December last year, and is due to finish in December 2023 for an estimated value of £1,500,000,000. Safe to say that these two examples demonstrate a growing trend in the taking on of larger, more challenging construction projects.

The benefits of portable cabins for large construction projects

With the size of these projects comes a greater demand for temporary infrastructure to support those companies working on them. An office for example, is an important element of these projects. There are many approaches such construction companies can take to provide them with relevant business space. Traditional methods of construction are one example, but these techniques can take a long time to complete and will cause a lot of waste material when the construction project is completed, and the office is no longer required.

Springfield however, offers a wide range of self-contained portable cabins which can be tailor-made for this exact scenario. We use offsite construction methods to assemble our cabins, which means that they are put together in our ISO-approved workshop, manufactured and delivered at an unrivalled speed. In this controlled environment, we can speed up the construction process and recycle a greater amount of the materials used. These cabins can be custom-built to fit our client’s exact specifications. Our jackleg buildings for example, named after the metal legs which are attached to the bottom of the cabins, provide unrivalled flexibility when placed on an uneven surface, and can even be stacked on top of each other. Our offsite construction methods mean that we can deliver your cabin quickly and cost-effectively, spending only a few days on your site to install your building.

Here at Springfield we offer a hiring option for all of our builds. This means you can order your bespoke cabin and hire it out on a contract length which best suits you and your team. If you would like to find out more about the tailor-made portable cabins that we offer, check out our website or call 01744 851958.

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