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Published: 19 July 2019 in Sectors

The Benefits Of Choosing Off-Site Construction For Your Business Expansion

With the murky shroud of Brexit still lingering over the nation’s future, considering an expansion for your company may seem like an expensive endeavour that it can’t afford to make. There are a lot of considerations to take into account to ensure that your expansion offers both the necessary facilities as well as fitting in aesthetically, which is the typical reason why it comes with a heavy price tag.

This associated cost is generally down to the traditional construction methods which are employed in completing the expansion. However, many decision-makers in business overlook the outstanding benefits in opting for an expansion which is produced by off-site construction methods. In this blog, we will explore these advantages for your business and why you should take this type of expansion into consideration.

A tailored, bespoke expansion

For a happy and therefore productive business, it is essential that employees can work in a functional working environment. The difficulty in expanding your premises, however, is that each working environment will differ for each business, which can drive up the cost of your business’s development. For those commercial businesses however, off-site construction offers a cost-effective solution which will meet the needs of your extension. The techniques we use mean that your building is constructed in our workshop, so we are not affected by any adverse weather conditions and can have greater control on the entire manufacturing process. This means that the cost of your building is cheaper, and it can be delivered at a much faster rate than opting for traditional methods – fantastic news for businesses.

Many potential clients however come with the misconceptions that modular buildings are unattractive extensions, which in today’s age isn’t true. From day one we assign you a single project manager who will be your point of contact all the way until your building is assembled on site. Sitting down with the project manager, we encourage clients to lay out all of their requirements and we offer a customisable service to ensure we can meet these specifications. The final project therefore, will be a bespoke building containing all the internal facilities you require and a tailored external finish to either blend in with your existing structures, or to specifically stand out. Your business will therefore save time and money in the manufacturing of your building, in addition to receiving a completely bespoke expansion.

The perfect partner for construction

Another example of the fantastic advantages of off-site construction for businesses relates to those who work in the construction industry. Offices are an essential part of a construction site, offering an administrative hub to ensure your project is progressing well. The issue in this particular case is that construction sites are ultimately temporary, so deciding to assemble an office with traditional methods takes up time and will eventually need to be demolished when the primary project is complete.

Buildings produced through off-site techniques however offer a unique solution to this issue. In being manufactured off-site, the building can be delivered and assembled on the construction site in a matter of days. This means it can also be taken away in a matter of days when the construction project is completed. This makes portable buildings the perfect office solution for a construction site, especially in the knowledge that they can be completely customised to suit the client’s unique needs, be that a canteen, locker rooms and more.

Off-site construction offers a unique set of advantages which makes it the perfect cost-effective solution for businesses looking to expand. If you would like to find out more about our commercial offering, get in contact with our fantastic team by visiting our website or calling us on 01744 851958.

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