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Published: 8 October 2021 in Sectors

Modular Extensions For Pre-Schools

Creating a learning environment where both children and teachers alike can thrive, is crucial to student growth and development. Modular school buildings may not be front of mind when considering an expansion of your pre-school’s teaching space. In this article, we’ll take a closer look into why modular classrooms provide a fantastic learning environment and why they are worth considering as part of your expansion plans. 


Modular Buildings Explained

So what exactly is a modular extension? Differing from traditional builds, a modular building consists of factory manufactured components that are transported to and then assembled on-site, in order to meet your specific requirements. Perfect for nursery or school classrooms, modular classrooms can be fitted with all the necessary fixtures and fittings and can be easily connected to the required utilities and mains supplies. So why would you consider a modular extension over a traditional build? We’ll explore more below:


Minimal Site Disruption

With many education establishments looking to quickly transform an area due to term-time related time constraints, it is paramount that disruption to students schedules is minimised. One of the key benefits of modular construction is that components are pre-built off-site in a factory. This itself significantly reduces the project build time, meaning the whole project could be implemented outside of term time. In addition to this, time spent on site by construction workers and their machinery traffic is drastically decreased, therefore ensuring a more seamless project delivery from start to finish. Traditional construction sites also experience a greater volume of noise, pollution and waste, which all act as distractions for students and contribute negatively to the student’s learning environment. Another bonus to having components built off-site is this negates any delays associated with poor weather conditions. Plus, you won’t have construction traffic churning up your pre-school field or occupying your car park!


A Bespoke Solution To Suit You

Modular buildings offer enhanced levels of flexibility. You can choose your desired size, levels, finishes and specify your interiors. Adding modules at a later date is also an option, meaning further expansions due to demand are easily implemented. Here at Springfield, we can offer modular buildings to buy or hire, depending on which suits your circumstances best. If you are looking for a modular building company to supply you with an extensive range of finishing options, including windows, roofing, external fascia and cladding, then look no further. Our decades worth of experience in the education sector places us at the forefront in providing the perfect solution to the endless needs of schools across the UK. See the new modular nursery we built for Butterflies Day Nursery here.

Our modular buildings have a multitude of uses and don’t always have to serve as a primary learning space. From classrooms to school halls or canteens to changing rooms, our countless bespoke combinations allow you to choose a building to suit your exact needs. Specialist features such as anti-scald taps, door and window finger guards, electronically controlled roof skylights with automated ventilation management and rain sensors and more all contribute to ensuring that your modular school building is a safe learning environment for children.


Lower costs

Far cheaper than traditional builds, modular school buildings enable educators to choose custom-made solutions across a multitude of price points. Here at Springfield, this more affordable expansion option comes with a completely bespoke turnkey service, through which your dedicated project manager can organise as much or as little support as necessary. Avoiding unreliable contractors and the large number of construction workers involved in a construction project also helps to drive down overall project costs.

We fully understand how financial restraints can be a blocker to achieving your desire to improve the learning environment for the students in your care. Our child-safe modular classrooms are the perfect solution where construction costs are a key factor in your decision-making process, without you having to forgo quality or health and safety.


The Bottom Line

The off-site build and design methods associated with modular classrooms provide all the benefits of a traditional build at a fraction of the cost and time. As well as indisputable financial and time-based positives, choosing modular school buildings also makes life easier when complying with health and safety. Let’s face it, children and building sites are not a good mix, so reducing the time and traffic associated with your educational institution becoming a building site is a no brainer. 

Gone are the days of ugly portable cabins. modular buildings are modern, attractive and can match your current building’s aesthetics. High-quality modular classrooms, whether permanent or temporary, are fastly growing in popularity due to the time, cost-effective, and eco-friendly nature of the construction method.

Available sooner than you think, projects can be completed in the school holidays to ensure minimal disruption to students and provide the inspiring learning environments your pre-school demands.

If your pre-school or nursery is considering an expansion, and your top priorities are minimising disruption, value for money, being able to customise and further expand in the future, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our expert team for advice, guidance or support.

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