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Published: 16 July 2015 in Sectors

Modular Classrooms with Less Hassle and Expense

The quality of learning environments can have a huge impact on students’ success. When youngsters are in comfortable and attractive classrooms, they tend to find it much easier to concentrate than when they’re in drafty, cold and generally unpleasant buildings

Thankfully, it’s now easier than ever to access mobile classrooms of the very highest standard. If your organisation is keen to invest in new learning spaces, it’s well worth checking out the solutions we have to offer here at Springfield.

A Flexible Solution
One of the advantages of these buildings is the fact they’re so flexible. With portable classrooms you can have a bright, airy learning environment that can easily be added to or altered as and when necessary.
Given the changeable nature of the demands placed on schools, this could be really important and it could make your life much easier.

Under Pressure
Like many organisations, yours may be under considerable financial pressure at present, making it tricky to fund any very expensive work on your premises. Highlighting the plight facing many education providers, the Northern Echo recently revealed that an education minister has warned much needed work at a north-east school will only be brought forward if “money falls out of the air”.
Liberal Democrat David Laws said that Hetton Secondary School in Houghton le Spring must wait for cash because it is not among the most urgent cases.
According to the news source, the school has broken heaters that leave pupils “shivering”, it has “asbestos-laden tiles” and it also suffers from unsecure drainpipes. However, it is not due to be rebuilt until 2016 at the earliest.

Commenting on the case, Mr Laws noted that grants were going only to schools “where there is most urgent need to do maintenance work and to replace most of the buildings”. He added: “We have to have the plans for private finance approved in government and I am expecting that to happen very soon.

Minimising Disruption and Cost 
If you come to us to source affordable classrooms to add to your premises, you can be sure you’ll experience minimal disruption. Our temporary buildings have the distinct benefit of being constructed off-site, meaning your everyday activities won’t be disturbed by a team of builders on your site week after week, month after month. In essence, we can deliver your modular classroom in as little as a few weeks.
Also, you might be surprised by the low cost of our units. We go out of our way to ensure our constructions are accessible.

You’ve no doubt got lots of other tasks to deal with, so the last thing you might want to do is spend time project managing the new addition to your premises.
The good news is, we offer a complete turnkey package, ensuring that everything is taken care of. This could come as a welcome relief.

The Full Low Down

If you’re interested in our cost-effective school classroom solutions and think they might benefit your organisation, just take a look around the rest of our website.

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