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Published: 4 August 2017 in Building Types

Modular Buildings: The Perfect Solution For Expanding Over-Crowded Schools.

The number of pupils attending secondary schools is set to rise by 20% over the course of the next 10 years, primarily because of the increased birthdays from 2002 onwards. This means there are now larger numbers of children entering secondary schools at the age of 11, than leaving them at the age of 16.

More students result in potential overcrowding in schools

The rising birth rate has led to growing numbers of pupils making their way through the school system, and whilst the UK currently has an outstanding education system, a rise in pupils is bound to cause problems. One of the main problems will undoubtedly be an increase in class sizes – but why is this an issue?

Larger class sizes not only put pressure on the teachers, but it can also hinder the education of the children in that class. The average class size has already increased by 7%, and this takes away individual attention from young children who need to learn how to get on with others, to listen and be polite – and that’s before we get into what needs to be covered from the national curriculum.

Expansion is the only solution to increasing pupil numbers.

Parents and teachers appreciate smaller class sizes, and this has huge benefits to the pupils too. Having a school that can comfortably accommodate the ‘baby boom’ will reduce the pressure on class sizes.

Recruiting teachers can also be a challenge, but the promise of smaller class sizes means a teacher will be able to focus more on teaching, and less on the problems and disruption that come as a result of larger class sizes. This makes your school a more appealing place to study and to teach.

Springfield modular buildings as additional classrooms

With tight budgets and even tighter time frames to get building work done within the school holidays, modular buildings provide a simple and effective solution.

Bespoke design

With Springfield, you can rest assured that the modular buildings we provide are a far cry from the grey and soulless portable buildings that have long been used as additional classrooms. We offer bespoke options to ensure that your portable classroom is in-keeping with the design of your school – enhancing what’s already there. You can easily choose from an array of tailored finishes and features to make your classroom a space to enjoy.

Less disruption

If you’re expecting an influx of students in September, and even more so over the coming years, a modular building provides a solution to expanding your school without the noise of a traditional build. Children and building sites are not a good mix, so getting the building work done within a tight time-frame – such as half term or even the summer holidays – is a sensible solution to getting the space you need. If you’re hoping for an installation this summer, please get in touch as soon as you can, as our order books are nearly full from other schools across the UK.

Stay within your budget

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, a portable building allows you to stay within your budget. Building foundations are costly, but with a modular classroom, there’s no need for deep foundations, reducing the overall cost substantially. We also pride ourselves on our quick building times, and when time equals money, this can make all the difference.

For more information on how your school can accommodate a growing number of students, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today.


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