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Published: 30 May 2022 in Sectors

How Portable Buildings Can Make the Perfect Pop-Up Shop

Pop-up shops are becoming increasingly popular on our high streets, from seasonal businesses to startup boutiques. Small companies are often priced out of town centres and high street areas and have found that pop-up shops are a great new way to open up to customers and passing trade. There’s no easier way to accomplish this than by using a modular building. 

Benefits of a Pop Up Shop

There are a number of benefits to a pop-up shop:

  • Companies can use their own branding and story
  • Turns the average shopping trip into an experience for the customer
  • Generates fear of missing out
  • Helps boost sales
  • Gather data about consumers and their buying habits

Benefits of a Portable Building for your Pop Up Shop

Pop-up shops using a modular building avoid the high rent of permanent buildings while offering all of the amenities and comfort. 

Portable buildings can be placed nearly anywhere, you are only limited by your imagination. The structures are easy to disassemble and transport, so you’re free to bring your merchandise where your customers are.

Modular construction is a fresh take and it allows minimalistic lines, geometric shapes, and recurring patterns. That makes your temporary store unique and intriguing, enticing more people to go inside and look around.

Springfield can provide ready-made structures or bespoke layouts that can be perfectly matched to specific businesses. They’re 100% customisable, and you’re in control of the design process to make sure everything matches your brand.

Pop-ups are meant to be temporary but sometimes they can become so successful that it’s worth turning a temporary shop into a branch or flagship store. If that happens you don’t have to start from scratch if you have a modular building right from the beginning. They can easily be modified for a more long term setting.

To find out if Springfield can help with your pop up shop or business expansion, get in touch with our expert team.

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