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Published: 16 June 2022 in Sectors

How Modular Buildings Can Help Revive Students Interest in STEM Subjects

There is a growing skills shortage developing in the UK as students increasingly choose to drop Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths subjects in favour of other courses at A-Level. As a consequence school leaders are keen to find ways of making the subjects more attractive and reverse this trend. Research has revealed a number of reasons why the subjects are being rejected and the modular building industry is well placed to help.

Why is STEM Important?

In a world where technology and scientific demands are an increasing element in everything we do it is clearly critical that our education system continues to supply the number needed to meet demand. Any society that fails to keep pace with the growing requirement for STEM skills is destined to fall behind in the race for innovation and improvement. 

Why are STEM subjects being rejected?

There dominant reasons for student rejection have been revealed as:

  • Too Challenging – STEM subjects are considered to be tougher than alternative subjects and the pressure to succeed is driving a leaning toward subjects perceived to be easier.
  • Not for Me –  A sense that STEM subjects are not trendy and only for the school swats and clever clogs and without a clear and obvious career path that they can visualise.
  • Male Orientated  – The predominance of males in STEM careers (80%) gives the impression that the sector is unattractive to females and not a realistic choice.

How to Revive interest in STEM subjects

The Education sector should work towards creating a more positive view of STEM subjects from the outset of a child’s educational journey, emphasising engaging with the females at an early age. The subjects need to be “fun to attend” and stimulating to attract the students to want more by involving them in projects that fully engage them.

  • Make Classes Enjoyable & Inclusive – Every lesson should be fun with a compelling subject matter that fascinates and occupies the students.
  • Make it relatable – Ensure all classes are relatable and relevant to real-life experiences. Solving actual problems through STEM activities will capture their imagination and create long-term interest in developing a career.
  • Hands-on approach – Ensure that classrooms enable the students to be physically involved with hands-on participation in experiments, tests, investigations or analyses.

So how can Modular Buildings help?

Modular buildings can prove a perfect solution by providing a blank canvas and a dedicated space to build purpose-built accommodation including all the modern equipment and technology necessary to excite and enthuse the students. 

A bright, well-lit, airy science lab with all the facilities for STEM subjects will illustrate the value of the subject and deliver levels of motivation and interest impossible from an existing outdated, ill-equipped classroom. It is an accepted fact that the quality of learning environments can have a significant effect on motivation and engagement. Modern facilities and technology can help to inspire students to explore new methods of learning.

For schools looking to encourage enthusiasm for STEM subjects, modular science labs and classrooms can include all the facilities you would want of a high-tech learning space. Bespoke buildings can be engineered to suit your exact requirements, which might include gas burners, sinks and lab tables. Purpose-built buildings can also be equipped with the technology to enable modern teaching methods including wifi and power outlets as standard.

Design features like natural light, open spaces and temperature control also provide an environment which encourages learning and concentration.

Our buildings are built to last, and with minimum waste on-site, which means a modular school building is much more sustainable than a traditional build. At Springfield, we are proud of our processes and feel it sets a great example for future generations.

If you would like to find out more about our modular school buildings and how we help the education sector call our fantastic team on 01744 851958.

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