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Published: 5 July 2019 in Sectors

How Environmentally Friendly Are Modular Buildings?

Caring for our environment has become a hugely important feature of today’s world, especially in the UK. With a greater number of people being made aware of the huge impact human activity is having on the planet, more steps are being taken in an attempt to curb the harmful emissions we produce. Only recently has the UK government committed to a new emissions target which they hope to achieve by 2050.

The construction industry is a big player in the murky world of emissions, with the use of traditional methods for long-term projects that take years and years to be finished becoming a big contributor of pollution. But is there a viable alternative? We believe so, and it comes in the form of off-site construction. In this blog, we will explore how environmentally friendly the buildings we produce are, including an example of how others in the industry have incorporated an eco-friendly frame of mind.

The Eco-Friendly Features Of Modular Buildings

There are two ways in which modular buildings can be considered more environmentally friendly than their traditional counterparts.

The first is the method which is used to manufacture them. Off-site construction techniques involve the manufacturing of a building away from the building site itself; for us, this takes place in our ISO-approved warehouse. In working in our own controlled environment, our expert team can streamline the construction process to create a truly bespoke and high-quality building at a fraction of the time – namely because they will not be affected by weather conditions. Although the buildings will need to be transported to the site, the overall reduction in the time it takes to complete a project offers a more environmentally friendly construction choice. There will be no stopping and starting, when your modular building is complete, it will be delivered and installed on-site in a matter of days.

The second way modular buildings can be considered eco-friendly is the buildings themselves. The materials we choose must meet our highest of quality standards, and in being able to control our construction environment, we are also able to have greater control over the sustainable materials at our disposal. Such materials also allow us to produce more energy efficient buildings, and our workshop environment also means we can recycle more of the stuff we use to make them. But the most prominent eco-friendly feature is the fact that modular buildings can be reused. Here at Springfield we have a substantial fleet of reusable buildings which can be retrofitted to your exact needs. If our modular building is no longer required, we can simply come and take it off your hands, ready for reuse by another satisfied client.

An Extreme Example Of Eco-Friendly

We are always on the lookout for interesting developments within the off-site construction industry, and the inspiration for this blog is no different. A recent environmentally friendly example of modular building was established at the Green Field Farm holiday resort in Canterbury. The latest addition to the resort is made up of sustainable materials and consists of three bedrooms. Overlooking its leafy environment, the building comes with green features such as a heat exchange system, infa-red underfloor heating and even a green roof. It is a fantastic testament to the developments within the industry and how far it has come.

Springfield Modular do not produce residential buildings, but we do however specialise in producing truly bespoke and environmentally-friendly modular buildings for our clients. If you would like to find out more about our modular buildings, or would like to contact our team, visit our website or call our fantastic team on 01744 851958.

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