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Published: 22 February 2019 in Building Types

How A Modular Building Is The Perfect Solution For Our Growing Healthcare

Creating a sustainable and affordable healthcare service is one of the primary goals for any government. The NHS however remains under significant pressure from an aging population and a rise in the costs required to treat them.  For those authorities who are searching for ways in which to increase the number of facilities available to the public, it can be a difficult task to find a cost-effective and suitable solution.

Modular buildings are however the perfect answer for the healthcare industry; a high-quality method to meet sector demands. In this vein, this blog will explore the benefits modular buildings can provide for those in search of a practical and affordable space for the expansion of our healthcare service.

What issues is the healthcare sector facing?

The vast number of problems the UK healthcare sector is facing are too many to delve into in one particular blog. On the top level however, there are two primary groups of issues which are causing a strain on these services. The first are the more behavioural focused issues. With the development of medicine, we are now living longer and are therefore more likely to be living with long-term and complex conditions. This could be down to the lifestyle we are choosing, with an increasing dependence on junk food etc., in combination with an increasingly demanding expectation of the NHS.

The second group of issues are primarily concerned with the healthcare market itself. With new advancements in medicine comes a rise in cost to be able to facilitate both its research and its implementation into public life. This would require a change in the current processes being used, which will in turn cost the industry money to complete effectively. So, the fact there is no one single issue that our healthcare service is facing paints a bleak picture for it future.

What benefits can a modular building provide healthcare business?

Although we may not be able to solve any of the societal difficulties faced by our health service, we can aid in their endeavours of expansion. With our long history within the offsite construction sector, we have a vast range of experience in meeting the complex needs which are associated with providing a healthcare building. Deciding on a modular or portable building for your expansion will provide significant benefits in comparison to utilising traditional construction methods.

With our offsite construction methods, all of our structures are manufactured in our ISO-approved workshop. In this controlled environment, we are able to recycle a larger amount of the materials we use in addition to not being effected by the weather. This means that opting for a modular building is a much more cost-effective and time-effective solution for the healthcare industry who require to expand a specific facility for example. Our bespoke turnkey service means that we can tailor your building to meet your exact requirements, all the way down to the contract you choose – whether you end up buying or hiring the unit.

From portable GP surgeries to modular clinics, to waiting rooms and pharmacies, the speedy solution in choosing a modular building has no end of advantages for an in-need healthcare industry. If you would like to find out more about the bespoke service we offer to the healthcare sector, check out our website, or call 01744 851958.

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