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Published: 11 February 2022 in Sectors

Good Reasons to Hire a Modular Classroom

If your school is expanding, it’s important to find a budget-friendly solution. We understand that costs need to be kept under control, but also believe that doesn’t mean you should compromise on space, style or building time. 

What are the Benefits of Hiring?


One of the benefits of hiring your modular classroom is the reduction in cost. Your personal project manager can discuss your options and find a solution that meets your needs as well as your budget.


The length of hiring is entirely dependent on your requirements, with Springfield on hand to remove the building when no longer needed. If your school goes through a renovation or other changes are required, we can help to alleviate the stress by moving the building or making adjustments without a large investment. 


Our buildings are manufactured from the highest quality materials and built to last resulting in low maintenance costs which should prove lower than a traditional build. Additionally, the nature of the build means that any potential damage to your modular classroom through work or play is quickly fixed.

Low Disruption

The secondary school population is forecast to increase 7% by 2026 so local authorities and school management teams need flexibility. Our modular buildings are built off-site and delivered to the school site, meaning no disturbance for day to day school running.


We have always been environmentally aware and conscious of our impact on our environment. The growing demand for schools to demonstrate a responsible approach is welcomed and embraced by all our employees. Hiring a modular building is an environmentally friendly way to expand your space. Energy-efficient heating and cooling systems along with LED lighting and thermally efficient units are standard in all our buildings.

View more information about our hiring process or ask our expert team for more information via our contact form or by calling 01744 851958.

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