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Published: 29 October 2021 in Sectors

Does Your Business Need A Modular Boardroom?

The Benefits of the Boardroom

A stylish and practical boardroom is one of the most important and useful parts of an office. The boardroom gives employees space for conducting internal meetings, external meetings, interviews and training sessions in a private, separate space without distracting others. A clean and modern boardroom is likely to be where visitors spend most of their time, and it offers a great opportunity to convey your brand through colour, furniture, and other aesthetic features. You can also make your boardroom as flexible as you like, depending on what you would like to use it for – as a big space like that could lend itself to not only table meetings, but presentations and other activities, too.

Why Build a Modular Boardroom?

By creating an entirely new building for your boardroom, you can set it up exactly the way you want to, with fewer restrictions than you might have if you tried to create a boardroom in your existing space. So, you may find that you need to compromise on less. Plus, what better place to bring guests than a brand new bespoke building with modern fixtures and fittings and a stylish exterior? A modular building could help you to give a great first impression to new visitors.

If you’re creating a boardroom from scratch, you have a great amount of freedom when it comes to deciding how to lay out the room. Do you want one big table and chairs, or would you also like smaller breakout areas where just a few people can meet and collaborate? Will you want to change the layout of the room sometimes, for example by removing tables so that everyone can face forward for a presentation? What technology and tools will you need – for example, a projector, a whiteboard, a podium for presenters, a phone for conference calling? All of these requirements will help to decide the size, shape, layout, fixtures and fittings of your modular boardroom.

If you opt for a modular boardroom, you could also benefit from less disruption – rather than having building work, decorating or furniture being moved around your main office, the work would take place outside. Modular buildings are built off-site and connected together when they arrive at your premises. They can stand separate from your existing buildings, or they can be added to the side to extend your property. Either way, a modular building can give you more space, more options and less disruption.

Why Choose Springfield For Your Modular Boardroom?

At Springfield, our expert craftsmen use superior quality building materials and meticulous production methods to create the ideal modular building for each application. Our modular units are fully customisable and come with a range of exterior finishes, external fascias and window styles. This means your new boardroom can be built to fit in well with your existing building. It will also be fully fitted with lighting and heating to your specification, and as it’s bespoke, it will be perfectly set up for the furniture and equipment you’ll be using, and the business-critical activities that will take place there.

If you need that extra space for meetings and collaboration that a modular boardroom can provide, please get in touch with us at Springfield and we will be happy to help.

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