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Published: 6 September 2019 in Sectors

Can Modular Buildings Be Used for Science?

Modular buildings can be used to develop laboratories for educational purposes, whether its primary, secondary, college or university infrastructure requirements. All modular buildings can be made differently in terms of appearance and function, and when it comes to education, at any level, the right learning environment is critical. We believe that modular buildings are vital step forward towards more advanced, purpose-built teaching facilities.

Benefits of Modular Buildings

Some of the key benefits of bespoke, high-quality modular buildings are:

  • They are highly versatile, meaning they can be shaped to create bespoke, purpose-built teaching facilities.
  • They can be built and installed much quicker than a traditional building.
  • They can be purchased in a multitude of shapes, sizes and designs.
  • They can be purchased outright or hired
  • They are easy to relocate if needed, as well as being easy to integrate with existing school buildings and surroundings.

Why Use Modular Buildings for Science?

Put plainly, learning environments are highly significant in success, enjoyment and interaction within the education system. Purpose-built modular buildings will accommodate scientific research, teaching and technology learning environments for students.  Further, science labs allow students to interact with data and materials; this hands-on learning helps to build understanding of scientific concepts.

The modular building complex installed to replace laboratories damaged by a fire at the University of St Andrews earlier this year, is a prime example of how bespoke modular buildings can be developed for a scientific environment. World-leading research takes place in the faculty, and a modular extension involving specialist laboratory equipment meant research was up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible at the university.

Advantages of Modular Labs in Comparison to Brick-and-Mortar Buildings

  • Flexibility – a modular building can be flexibly designed to suit a multitude of spaces, whether this is a science lab, a regular classroom or a nursery. They are versatile and adaptable.
  • High-Quality, Modern Learning Spaces – a purpose-built modular lab can provide a bespoke learning environment rather than converting an existing classroom.
  • Cost – Installing a bespoke modular science lab can allow schools to obtain the optimal learning space for a fraction of the cost of other construction methods.
  • Portability & Time – modular science labs can be disassembled and moved to different locations if necessary. They can be constructed offsite and delivered promptly, often they can be assembled and functioning in a matter of days.

What Are the Unique Challenges of a Good Science Lab?

  • Safety – welfare and safety are vital in education and even more so in a scientific setting. Details such as centralised switches, ventilation systems and non-slip flooring must be a part of the design process.
  • Technology – engaging, advanced parts of science require technology for teaching, learning and inspiring, such as interactive whiteboards and other computer-connected equipment.
  • Flexibility – there has to be flexible space options for multi-purpose labs, as each science type and research project are different and require different types of learning space.

Thankfully, modular buildings can be tailored to suit the challenges involved in lab construction. And with Springfield, high-quality at great value and more than 40 years of industry experience is a bonus.

What Can Springfield Do for You?

Our modular buildings are purpose-built and tailored to you. A science lab can be shaped to your educational needs, with an array of choice in terms of internal layouts and equipment, such as benches, sinks and non-slip floors. Additionally, our modular buildings are supplied with heating, plumbing and electrics. Importantly, although many preconceptions about modular buildings mean clients believe they will receive a building looking less than appealing as a learning space, the exterior of your modular building can have many different exterior finishes and cladding options to suit your educational premises.

Our modular buildings are a brilliant solution when you have a lack of space, they can be quickly moved, reconfigured and repurposed as your needs change. We are experts in building tailored modular learning environments, so if you would like to find out more about the truly bespoke buildings that we offer, call our friendly team of experts on 01744 851958 or fill in a contact form.

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