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Published: 12 May 2022 in Building Types

5 Environmental Benefits of Modular and Portable Buildings

There are many benefits associated with modular and portable buildings compared to their traditional counterparts. As well as offering cost and time savings, these buildings are more environmentally friendly, which is becoming increasingly important as more organisations make greener operations central to their core business values. For example, Argent Energy chose Springfield to provide a modular building in keeping with its outstanding environmental credentials. 

Find out more about this project on our Argent Energy case study page.

If your ecological values are at the heart of everything you do, modular and portable buildings could be the answer to your building needs, too. Here are five ways in which modular and portable buildings can help you to reduce your impact on the environment:

Modular Buildings Are Faster To Build

Compared to traditional buildings, modular and portable buildings don’t take as much time to build. This is because they come to the customer’s site pre-assembled, and they can be made with greater predictability and quality control. This translates into cost savings and reduced carbon emissions.

Controlled Factory Conditions Means Less Waste

Our buildings are crafted at our factory and then delivered to you once they are constructed. Because they are built at our premises under controlled conditions, they are completed more quickly, to a consistently high standard, and with less waste.

Modular Buildings Require Fewer Site Deliveries

As modular buildings are pre-assembled, they require fewer site deliveries. In fact, there are up to 90% fewer vehicle movements associated with modular buildings compared to traditional building projects. This in turn reduces on-site dust levels, congestion, noise and disruption, and vehicle emissions.

Modular Buildings Offer Thermal Efficiency

Our portable and modular buildings don’t just offer environmental benefits during their construction, but also throughout their entire lifetime. They are highly insulated, so they provide great energy efficiency. This means you can use less energy, lower your carbon emissions, and enjoy reduced running costs.

Our Building Materials Can Be Reused

Much of the material used to create these buildings can be reused or recycled. This means that once the building reaches the end of its life, the materials can serve a new purpose and less waste will be sent to landfills.

If you would like to know more about the benefits of portable and modular buildings and find out how Springfield Mobile can help you, contact us online or call 01744 851 958.

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