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Published: 20 September 2019 in Industry News

Will AI Become Part Of The Off-Site Construction Industry?

Artificial intelligence. Technology that some see as the future of many workforces, with complex algorithms potentially replacing a lot of the day to day process that are currently occupied by their human counterparts. As controversial as this dystopic future may be, in today’s workplace, AI has become increasingly more commonplace.

With this idea of the integration of artificial intelligence in mind, this blog takes a brief dive into the vast industry of construction to see whether this technology could become part of its future. We have continued to perfect out processes after having competed in the off-site construction industry for over four decades. So the thought of considering how AI will slot in alongside our expertise is an interesting, hypothetical concept, whilst allowing us to continue to provide truly bespoke modular buildings.

What would artificial intelligence in off-site construction look like?

Although the idea of having an army of robots in a warehouse putting together buildings is a slightly more farfetched vision for the future of AI, there are areas in which we could see its introduction. This area focuses primarily on the design stage of construction. Currently, in the construction industry, a vast majority, if not all, of the designs created for a project are produced by employees. But the introduction of 3D digital planning, and the vast amounts of data that come with these techniques, has created a great environment for artificial intelligence.

In this sense, AI will be able to read, process and develop designs which consider complex electrical, plumbing and mechanical challenges. With the ability to handle staggering amounts of data, and to be able to learn from it, artificial intelligence could save huge amounts of time and resources in producing bespoke designs at unrivalled rates. This could allow businesses to save on the time spent planning, so it can focus on more important tasks or even take on more work. There could also be environmental benefits if the AI is asked to consider sustainability, meaning that the final materials used (based on the plan) are all in all better for the environment. All this points to a positive AI contribution to the construction industry.

Current benefits of Springfield buildings

The complete integration of this technology however is a long way off. Here at Springfield, we know that our expert team better any technology in the current market, with the business itself having competed for more than 40 years.  With this experience, we understand the importance of a bespoke building, as every client will have their own unique requirements. We have woven this concept into our tailor-made turnkey service in which each client works hand in hand with our team to ensure that they receive a truly bespoke building which meets all their needs, in addition to any relevant tools, such as adequate foundations or planning permission.

That’s what sets Springfield apart. We break the mould of the stereotypical concept of off-site construction; our buildings do not just fall off of a production line. In our ISO-approved workshop in St Helens, our expert team combine quality materials with intricate detail to ensure that your final building matches very single one of your needs. Our off-site approach also means that your building can be produced at a much faster rate, to be transported and installed in a matter of days once complete. This also means that the cost is less compared to more traditional methods.

If you would like to find out more about the modular buildings that we offer, or you would like to contact a member of our expert team directly, visit our website or call us on 01744 851958.

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